Bet It And Forget It

This is my best bet of the week   The Titans and Chargers travel to London to play a stand alone game that starts at 9:30am on the east coast. This is tough for the dozens of Chargers fans who will have to be awake by 6:30am to watch their team. Both of these teams … Continue reading Bet It And Forget It

Week 7 Teaser Legs

LA Chargers -1 (-7) The Chargers are playing well heading into London against a Titans team that is really struggling right now. The Titans defensive stats were inflated from playing the easiest schedule of opponent offenses and they dropped from 12th to 15th in overall defensive efficiency after last week. This week they have an … Continue reading Week 7 Teaser Legs

The Giants Are Ready For First Place

The Eagles have moved to 2 point favorites from 3 point favorites today. I mentioned in my preview blog and recap blog that the Eagles have had issues moving the ball this year. Their defense is also struggling due to their offenses inability to keep them off the field. They have become complacent after winning … Continue reading The Giants Are Ready For First Place