Betting on Clippers @ Warriors

So last night I bet on the Magic Raptors in a similar closeout game. I took the Magic and they went down big early and ended up losing by 19. I'm not sure there was much time in the game they were even covering the spread. Which was 11.5 so thats a bad pick. I … Continue reading Betting on Clippers @ Warriors

Betting on Magic @ Raptors

I'm going to say the same thing here that I did to start the series. The Raptors are overvalued here. This is an unpopular pick but this line is way too high. This is one of those picks that I hate thinking about it as I'm writing it. I almost feel like I'm walking into … Continue reading Betting on Magic @ Raptors

NBA Playoff First Round Series Betting Preview: Part 1/2

Orlando Magic +700 Toronto Raptors -1400 I'm starting with this series because I think the Raptors are overvalued here. Orlando is a pretty good team and they have been for the last couple of years. They have come together with a team that has a lot of length and athleticism. The backcourt duo of DJ … Continue reading NBA Playoff First Round Series Betting Preview: Part 1/2