Packers at Bears Opening Night Betting Pick

I’m going to kep this one short and sweet. Since it’s still early and we don’t really know what teams are yet the only thing we can go off is gut feeling. So we all know the Bears defense was ranked number 1 last year. That success will be very hard to replicate though. Especially with a full season of film on Khalil Mack. He was a bit more of a surprise when he dominated the first Bears Packers game last year. A game that the Packers still ended up winning despite all the Bears early success. I find it tough to bet against the Packers here also. The Bears lost their defensive coordinator in Vic Fangio and replaced him with Chuck Pagano. Pagano is a player’s coach and has coached some very talented defenses in the past with Baltimore but one thing he is known for is blitzing and taking chances. Part of the Bears success last year was the fact they could stay in coverage while only rushing four. Aaron Rodgers is experienced enough to be able to take advantage of a blitzing defense. This does not bode well for the Bears defense learning a new system on the fly against a very experienced quarterback. Not to mention the Bears defense may have shown their hand a little bit in their pre-season game against the Colts. This game was personal for Pagano who was fired by the Colts after the end of the 2017 season and it showed with the Bears defense dominating and scoring two touchdowns. While that may scare some, to me it just puts unnecessary film of your defense out there in a game that does not matter. My pick is the Packers and I am taking them first half +2.5, first half moneyline, full game +3 and full game moneyline.

The Picks:

Packers +3
Packers 1H +2.5
Packers +150
Packers 1H +130

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