Tyreek Hill can thank Angie Ricono for not getting suspended

So the big NFL news today is that Tyreek Hill is avoiding a suspension after allegedly assaulting his son and threatening his girlfriend.

People are pretty pissed about this decision. Saying it’s typical of the NFL and that they had the chance to do the right thing and suspend a player accused of wrong doing and they didn’t. That they only care when incidents are caught on video like Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt. Angie Ricono thought she had the evidence to get Tyreek Hill suspended. She released a snippet of a phone conversation between Tyreek and his girlfriend which at the time seemed to implicate Tyreek was guilty of the things she was alleging. When she was asked about why she only released the partial audio she responded with this tweet:

This audio snippet ended up getting Tyreek Hill suspended from all team activities. The full audio was later released on July 9th, which resulted in the ratio you see on the tweet above. Her tweets since then all have insane ratios too.

So pretty much all these replies are from angry Chiefs fans that support Tyreek Hill and if you listen to the audio they have a legitimate gripe. Angie said she only released the audio that was newsworthy but that proved to be a lie. She only released what she wanted to push her narrative. The full clip includes quotes where Tyreek talks about his girlfriend lying about the entire situation which she does not deny. Then when Tyreek repeatedly asks “Did I hit you?” she changes the subject to talk about their son. Now ten days later Tyreek Hill is not being suspended and the NFL is concluding their investigation. Look I’m not saying he did or didn’t do the things he was accused of. I think everyone deserves a second chance regardless, and he will be under much more scrutiny now than ever before. But if you’re looking for someone to blame for this blame Angie Ricono. She had no reason to try and derail Tyreek Hill’s life and career but she did. Now that the full audio of that conversation has come out, it makes her initial report look false and libelous. Since her initial report is why he was suspended in the first place it would look really bad if the NFL suspended someone long term over a clout chasing reporter pushing a false narrative. Granted this is the same NFL that falsely suspended Tom Brady for doing nothing wrong so anything is possible with them. So Tyreek Hill’s slate is clean but if he fucks up even a little bit now, the NFL will end up with heavy scrutiny and will have to give him a lengthy suspension if not kick him out of the league.

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