Top 3 Worst Names in the National Women’s Soccer League

So women’s soccer has been on an unbelievable run in the United States lately. It is very well deserved after their world cup win. The world cup win has also resulted in more exposure for the newly formed NWSL. I assume its newly formed since I had never heard of it before now (while writing this blog I realized the NWSL has been around for over 10 years! The more you know). Anyways Ive seen a few of their ads on tv and noticed how terrible some of their team names are. I know its very taboo to criticize anything women do in the year of our lord 2019 but something needs to be said. So I am here to present the top 3 worst team names in WNSL history:
#3 Houston Dash
According to the Houston Dash wikipedia page, their name is to signify the speed of a horse which was the primary mode of transportation for Texans in the 1800s. The word ‘dash’ may have worked to describe traveling by horse in the 1800s but nobody associated the word ‘dash’ with horses today. You would have been better off being called the Houston Horses. At least then you have the alliteration and you could make an actual logo around a horse and have a horse mascot. Not just have the word DASH with a soccer ball underneath. Their logo looks like a generic logo for a under 10 co-ed indoor soccer league where every team has the same jersey in different colors. Fans would love a horse mascot too. Whats could be better at making soccer attractive to young girls other than integrating horses into the product? The Dash missed a huge opportunity here.
#2 North Carolina Courage
This was the name I saw that originally inspired this blog. I mean could you pick a cornier name than the courage? According to their Wikipedia page they were originally the Buffalo Flash and they changed to the Western New York Flash. Taking Buffalo out of your name was mistake number one. If there is one thing Buffalo is known for besides its wings, its their fans. Some would consider Buffalo fans to be some of the most diehard fans in sports. Even after four consecutive Super Bowl losses and years of futility, their fans continue to show up and sell out Bills games year after year. These are the kinda of fans you want on your side if you’re an upstart franchise. Then when they moved from “western new york” to North Carolina they changed their name from the Flash to the Courage. Not that Flash isnt a corny name too but it’s better than Courage. And its the name of a super hero thats known for being fast. Which reminds me the name flash is much more related to fast than the name dash.
#1 Sky Blue FC
Take a quick moment to think about where Sky Blue FC is located … Did you say Piscataway New Jersey? Of course you didn’t because nobody associates New Jersey with blue skies. Not only does the name not apply to the area its not intimidating whatsoever. Weather is a common subject for sports nicknames. There’s the Tampa Bay Lightning, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Miami Heat to name a few. The difference is those are all inclement weather. “The thunder/lightning/heat are coming into town” has a lot different ring than “the blue skies are coming into town”. Nobody is afraid of blue skies. Blue skies don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Blue skies are mundane. The name Cumulonimbus FC would at least be a little more intimidating. Plus a bunch of clouds describe how New Jersey is a lot more accurately than Blue Skies.
Honorable mention: Washington Spirit

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