Who is actually using Truvada?

So I keep seeing these commercials for Truvada. Which if you haven’t heard of it, is apparently a pill that helps prevent you from getting HIV but does’t totally prevent you from getting it. I don’t even get who it is for. I could never imagine being in a situation where I am having so much unprotected sex, with so many partners that I would need to take a pill that might help me not get HIV. I imagine the conversation at the doctor goes something like “hey doc, I’ve been having so much sex, I need something that might help me not get HIV but nothing else.” It’s not like it’s some magical cure-all to prevent you from getting all STDs. It only works for HIV so if someone is already past the stage of HIV and has full blown AIDs you’re not even partially protected from full blown AIDs. Who could really be in the market for a pill you take daily that only kinda prevents you from getting a disease?


I was just thinking maybe the pill is for people who are in relationships with people who have HIV. In which case they shouldn’t be in those relationships. Look if you have HIV you should only be allowed to be with someone else with HIV. You shouldn’t be out here trying to convince your partner to take a pill that might help them not get HIV too. Another insane conversation I would love to be a fly on the wall for.

“Hey! I have some great news”

“OK what is that?”

“I saw an ad for a pill that helps prevent you from getting HIV! So now we can have unprotected sex!”

“Wait you have AIDS?”

The only explanation is that it’s really some black market, secret society, limitless pill that they don’t want us plebeians to know about. So they market it as something absolutely nobody in the world needs so they can have a mass produced supply prescribed to them. That makes a lot more sense than a pill that helps prevent you from getting HIV. Find me one person that takes this. No chance they exist. Oh and if you are taking it to help prevent you from getting your partners HIV, you can do better. I promise.

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