Fuck Danny Ainge and the Celtics, I am a Nets fan now

I never really liked Danny Ainge to begin with. To recap, the first thing he did when he was hired by the Celtics is trade away Antoine Walker. Then the Celtics sucked, so he traded back for Antoine Walker, and the Celtics made the playoffs. Then he traded away Antoine Walker, and made other moves that resulted in a 2007 Celtics team that was tanking and people were calling for Ainge to be fired. Getting Ray Allen and KG and winning a championship one year has apparently bought him all the time in the world. He has every Celtics fan thinking he’s some mad genius but he has continued to make moves that deter the Celtics from competing for a championship. This includes letting Kyrie Irving go while they sign Kemba Walker on a larger contract than Kyrie accepted. Then sending the mixed message that they are building around Jason Tatum, while he is still signed to his rookie deal. It sends a mixed message that they say they’re trying to build around these guys but they pay more in free agency for players of lesser caliber than the players that leave. When they could have chosen to build around Kyrie and pay Kyrie, which would have made Boston a more attractive destination. I thought Ainge had redeemed himself after trading for Kyrie but he has let him go. So I can not support the Celtics any more.

It makes sense for me to be a Nets fan. Nobody knows more about the Nets’ best years than me. I witnessed first hand when the Nets gave up the largest comeback in NBA playoff history against the Celtics.

(the Celtics had 36 points at the BEGINNING of the 3rd quarter)

Growing up as a Celtics fan, this was one of my greatest memories of the team. This was also before Danny Ainge was ever involved on the Celtics front office but that is neither here nor there since I am a Nets fan now. Anyways, the Nets would go on to win the next 3 games and close out the series on the parquet floor at what is now called the TD Garden. My Nets would end up getting swept by Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers in the finals but they were still successful for years to come. They made it back to the finals the next year, sweeping the Celtics in the second round and the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals. Their season ended in the finals once again, this time losing in 6 games to the Spurs. People might say those are the only good memories of  the Nets everyone probably remembers those. Well do those people remember when the Nets ended the famed Pistons under 70 points streak?

Shoutout to Brian Scalabrine, who was drafted by the Nets. Also who could forget Gerald Green’s sick alley oop? Some people (me) are saying it is the greatest in-game dunk of all time:

Or how about the time former Nets all-star Joe Johnson put Paul Pierce on the floor with what some people (me) are saying is the best crossover of all time:

Another reason why I’m so glad to not be a Celtics fan anymore. I no longer have to be associated with Paul Pierce’s horrible takes. Same with Ryan Hollins, who said kids come up to him and say they remember him playing. as a former Celtics fan, I remember his time on the team. However I don’t have any memories of him on the court. Luckily the memories I have of Ryan Hollins were captured in this video:


Anyways enough about my former favorite NBA team the Celtics. I’m tired of having to deal with Danny Ainge’s terrible mistakes. Trading for Kyrie was my favorite thing he had ever done. Now that Kyrie is gone I can’t support the Celtics and Danny Ainge anymore. My fandom is following Kyrie to Brooklyn. I have already talked about how I think Kyrie will win this year’s MVP award. Now I can cheer for Kyrie and the Nets success unapologetically. I just wouldn’t feel right cheering for the Celtics this year without Kyrie. I don’t want to have to say ‘I told you so’ every time they lose while the Nets enjoy what will most likely be one of their best seasons in franchise history.


P.S. I also want to say this is Kyrie’s team. Even when KD gets back, this will still be Kyrie’s team. His upcoming MVP season will make it so.


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