LOL at CP3

So the rockets traded cp3 for westbrook last night. Everybody is talking about how they’re reunited again and talking about how good the rockets are going to be next year. Im not talking about that. No Im here to laugh at chris paul. Full disclosure I dont really like chris paul. I mean you look at how he ended up in Oklahoma city. He couldnt make things work in LA with deandre and blake. They blew that up and he trashed doc on his way out. Now the clippers are playing very well and doc is a big part of their success. Then his first year in houston and helps he them get the 1 seed. But he gets a hamstring injury in the playoffs and misses game 7 of the wcf which gave the rockets a convenient excuse for why they lost to the warriors. Really they were not as good as the warriors and didn’t deserve to be in the finals. They proved that again this year. But my absolute favorite thing that has come out this offseason is the report that said chris paul wanted to be in a coaching type of role to james harden but Harden doesn’t respect him because he cant even beat his man. Then he tried to come out and say he wanted to play with james and the rumors that they didnt want to play together were false. It was pretty obvious they didnt want to play together. Who can forget this altercation?

Anyways I could go on and on about how chris paul is an asshole. But I just want to think about how funny it will be to see him throwing everyone under the bus on a struggling team. I can already picture him getting mad at steven adams and steven adams swatting him away. Chris paul doesnt command the same respect westbrook does. CP3 is like a little harmless chihuahua that barks all day and nips at your legs and then runs away as soon as you face him. Anyways enough with what I have to say. Let’s look at the best of what twitter has to say.

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