And The Winner of the 2020 NBA MVP …

Look Im a Kyrie guy so Im a little biased. But this is the best situation for kyrie. Im throwing out last season as an anomaly. Its obvious now that kyrie wasnt happy that the celtics were not focused on making kyrie happy by getting the players he wants around him. They failed at getting Kawhi, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant. They instead opted to sign Kemba Walker who is a significant downgrade from Kyrie.
During Kyries first year on the Celtics he was an MVP candidate until his injury forced him to the sideline. The Celtics flukey success had the front office and team believe that they could compete for multiple titles in the future. I think Kyrie knew that was not the case. Now he is on a team that shares his same vision.  He won’t be frustrated with his teammates since he knows his future is secure with Durant coming back. Kyrie now is the unquestioned leader of that team for the year. He is playing with no pressure and no expectations. This is the perfect recipe for him to just do what he does best, which is play basketball.
In my opinion Kyrie is still the best offensive player in the league. He was held back by the Celtics last year who’s efforts to develop Jason Tatum seemed more important than letting Kyrie be the focal point. That combined with players like Terry Rozier, who had one good offseason, wanting to get more opportunities in a contract year and being a more selfish player ruined the locker room chemistry. Kyrie is too smart to want to just willingly go with an organizations wishes when he knows its not creating a championship caliber team. Which is a bad combination for stupid Boston fans who will eat up any narrative the media tells them to. All Kyrie wants to do with his life is play basketball at the highest level. That means in the nba, and especially the playoffs and finals.
We’re going to see Kyrie by really special this year. Especially motivated to prove all of his doubters wrong. Everyone who said he was a bad locker room guy. Everyone in Boston who wanted him to leave and blamed him for the Celtics struggles. Brooklyn is going to welcome him with open arms. This is a team and city that does not have a culture yet. This year, he gets to create the culture for the Brooklyn Nets. He doesn’t have to try and live up to the Celtics “culture” that is completely fabricated by their fans. There are really no holes in Kyries game. This year we get to see how magical Kyrie can be. He finally has the opportunity to really be himself and lead a team his way. I for one am really excited to see him unleash his full potential. I still wish he was on the Celtics but Im very happy for him to be in a great situation.

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