Space Jam 2 Script






The movie begins at the Staples Center during the last play of the Lakers 2019 season. The game is tied and Moe Harkless hits a 3 at the buzzer to win the game.

Cut to LeBron on his way out of the stadium right away and towards his Rolls Royce with the driver standing by the open back seat

Driver: Good Evening Mr. James

LeBron: (looks confused) What did you say?

Driver: (stutters)  King James, I am so sorry your highness.

LBJ: Just don’t let it happen again.

Driver nods as LeBron enters the car.

LBJ: What do you have for me tonight?

Driver: (pulls wine bottle out) I have a Chateau Chaval blanc 1943 Bordeaux from Fr-

LBJ: (interrupts) seriously? this one again? Didn’t we have this last month.

Driver: Yes your highness but there are still very few left and it was the only bordeaux I could get on short notice that would fit your liking.

LBJ: Alright this bottle will do for the drive home.

Driver opens the bottle and pours a glass. Then hands the glass and bottle to LBJ and closes the door. LeBron is shown on the inside putting the bottle in a wine bucket as the privacy screen goes up in the front.

Montage begins playing Tupac – To Live and Die in LA

Driver leaving the arena driving through traffic, LeBron in the back drinking wine, also pouring more wine, more traffic, “views” of LA, “HOLLYWOOD” sign, more LeBron drinking wine and pouring wine, more traffic

cut to the driver pulling up to LeBron’s gate and it opens and he drives through.Bottom of the Screen says ’45 minutes later’

The car is parked in front of LeBron’s house and the driver gets out to open the back door for LeBron.

LeBron gets out of the car with a curious look on his face

LBJ: (to himself) what is that?

Cut to a package at the front door.

LBJ approaches and picks up the package.

LBJ: (excitedly) Damn this looks like some real expensive wine!

LBJ opens the door to his house and walks towards his kitchen/ living area

LBJ: (loudly) which one of ya’ll did this for me?

Cut to each one of his family members confused

LBJ: seriously, ya’ll knew it was the end of the season and you got me a bottle of wine to celebrate it.

LeBron James Jr: Nah dad I don’t think any of us got that.

Savannah James: Yeah I don’t ever get the wine anymore since you always make fun of my selections.

LBJ: Savannah, I don’t make fun of your selections it’s just funny that you chose a wine that was very limited in it’s tannins and it-

SJ: And this is why I don’t pick the wines anymore.

LBJ: What about you two? (gesturing towards Bryce Maximus and Zhuri)

Bryce Maximus James: Uhhhh dad I’m not even old enough to buy wine.

LBJ: You’re all being way too humble. I can already tell this is going to be an excellent bottle but first I’m going to have this bottle of Screaming Eagle cabernet I had picked out before the game. Who’s gonna drink it with me?

The rest of his family stares at him confused and  begins scattering away

LJJr: I’m just gonna go practice my jumpshot.

LBJ: Oh come on! … Savannah, come on I know you got this for me. You’re just afraid I would laugh at you but it looks really good.

SJ: Nah it wasn’t me. I’m good on the wine tonight. I’m gonna watch netflix and put Zhuri to bed. Come on Zhuri!

LBJ: Bryce! come on man don’t you wanna try some wine with your pop??

BMJ: No dad I’m gonna just go play video games.

LBJ: Damn well I guess it’s just me. You’re all missing out.

LeBron opens the bottle of cabernet and then grabs his custom goblet that is designed to hold half a bottle of wine and has ‘King James’ inscribed in it. It rose gold and encrusted with diamonds. He then turns on the TV while swishing the wine around and smelling the inside of the goblet.


Local Sports Reporter: (at staples center) The Lakers ended their disappointing season tonight on a loss against Portland at the buzzer. To add insult to injury, Magic Johnson resigned as team president just a few hours before the game started and din’t inform anybody before he told the media. After the game LeBron left the arena immediately after the game ended and didn’t answer any questions about the mess going on right now.

News Reporter: (on tv set) Well it sure is a mess down there isn’t it. This will of course be the 6th consecutive year that the Lakers have missed the playoffs. Something the franchise did only 5 times before this stretch.

LBJ: Damn I can’t get myself away from this stuff! the season is already over leave it alone.

LeBron changes the channel.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 5.52.51 PM

Skip Bayless: This is why LeBron will never be as good as Michael Jor-

LeBron turns the TV off and lets out a big sigh followed by finishing his goblet of wine and then pouring the rest of the wine into his goblet.

LBJ: (to himself) no matter what I do they will never say I’m better than MJ.

LeBron pulls out his phone and opens it where his screen is on ‘perfect booties’ instagram page. He switches to youtube and types L before ‘LeBron James highlights’ is autofilled and he selects that.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 5.54.50 PM

Montage begins of LeBron watching his highlights and drinking his wine goblet.

Montage ends with LeBron finishing the last of what is in his goblet. Subtitle on the screen says “15 minutes later”

LeBron walks back into his kitchen and notices the gift wine bottle on the counter.

LeBron Jr then walks back in to the kitchen as well and goes to the fridge to get a water.

LBJ: Hey son.

LJJr: Hey Dad

LBJ: You know son I don’t know if I ever told you how proud I am of you.

LJJr: Yeah dad you tell me this all the time now. You just don’t remember because you’re drunk all the time.

LBJ: Drunk?! I’ve hardly been drinking tonight! Look anyways I want you to try this wine with me.

LJJr: Dad, no. (looks disappointingly) We don’t even like wine anymore. We used to like it when you said it was something for celebrations after winning championships. But now you drink wine every night even when there is nothing to celebrate.

LBJ: Bronny, you idiot, I’m not drinking every night. I am simply wine tasting and it’s classy. Something you should take advantage of in your privileged household. When I was just a kid in Akron my mom could never afford wine tasting for us. You should appreciate being so worldly.

LJJr: I guess I just don’t like tasting it as much as you dad. But have a good night I’m going to head to bed.

LBJ: (to himself) the nerve of my family. None of them appreciate anything I do for them. Oh well looks like I’m going at this bottle alone. What kind of wine is this anyways?

LeBron inspects the label and sees it is written in a language he can’t comprehend. As he looks at it a mystical shine goes over the label.

LBJ: This has to be something real special. I just wish I knew who sent it.

LeBron opens the bottle and pours half the bottle in his goblet and begins to drink it.

LBJ: Ooh wow this is good.

LeBron goes back to the couch and continues watching his highlights on his phone

Montage resumes of LeBron watching his highlights and drinking wine, also pouring himself a refill and continuing to drink

Cut to LeBron watching the replay of the free throw he made to put game 7 out of reach in the 2016 finals.

LBJ: Damn man how can they not say I’m better then MJ. I’m the goat. It should be undisputed, MJ never beat the Warriors once. they had to sign KD to beat me!

Voices off screen: Can he see us? – I don’t know what if this doesn’t work – It will work I know it will

LeBron turns around startled and sees the 5 little aliens.


LBJ: What the fuck is going on? What are you doing in my house

Green Alien: Don’t worry LeBron –

LBJ: Nah this isn’t real. I’m never drinking again this shit aint cool.

Orange Alien: we’re real and we’re back!

Red Alien: yeah we’re totally real

Blue alien: yeah we are! wait what are we talking about again

LBJ: How the hell did you guys get here?

The aliens look toward the wine bottle

LBJ: Nah no way you’re telling me you were just sitting in the wine bottle? How?

OA: Look LeBron do you want to be the GOAT?

LBJ: What the wha-

BA: What’s the Go-

Orange Alien covers Blue Aliens mouth

OA: Shut Up! I said do you want to be the GOAT? You know, better than MJ?

Red Alien: Yeah better than MJ!

LBJ: I mean yeah I guess why?

GA: We can help you.

LBJ: Ok and how would you do that?

OA: We can have you beat Michael Jordan in a game of basketball.

LBJ: Man ya’ll are crazy. MJ’s over 50 years old. Nobody wants to see that.

OA: Not MJ from today! MJ from after he retired. He was still good but he wasn’t playing basketball.

LBJ: Ok and how is this going to happen.

GA: we can take you to the game.

LBJ: where is it?

OA: it’s underground but we have a way to get there.

LBJ: Ok ok so wait. How did you get here and why are you trying to help me?

OA: A long time ago we lost a basketball game to Michael Jordan and were banished to live in this bottle and travel through time until somebody opened us. But the only way we can stay outside the bottle is if we get someone to go back in time and beat MJ with us.

LBJ: This is crazy! So that was real when you played MJ?

OA: Yes we had other NBA players but MJ was too good and we didn’t have enough talent to beat him, as you know. So we need your help to go back in time and beat MJ.

LBJ:  What’s in it for me? And how are we going to go back in time?

GA: The bottle we made sure got delivered to you is our time machine.

LBJ: The bottle?

OA: Yes, come with me

The aliens begin shrinking back into the bottle one by one.

Orange alien shrinks into the bottle while holding their hand out of the bottle.

OA: Grab my hand and hold on tight!

LeBron grabs their hand and shrinks while entering the bottle. Once they are in the bottle LeBron takes a look at his surroundings, with a lot of curiosity.

RA: Here is the time machine.

OA: Out of my way I’m the captain!

They all enter into the captains room.

OA: So here we are. You wanna give it a spin?

LBJ: yeah let’s go to June 19th 2016 in Oracle Arena.

OA takes them to the date LeBron specified. Their time machine is small enough to go unnoticed floating at the top of the arena like a blimp. They get there just in time to see Kyrie Irving hit the final 3 point shot.

LBJ: Watch this it’s almost the best part.

They continue watching the game and see Steph Curry miss a 3 and LeBron gather the rebound and get fouled. The aliens look confused.

LBJ: Watch this!

LeBron goes up to the line and misses the first free throw. The aliens continue to watch confused.

BA: this is the guy we got?

Purple alien: shut up you idiot!

LeBron then sinks the 2nd free throw

LBJ: there it is! that is why I’m the goat!

OA: Yes! and you will prove it to everyone soon enough!

scene ends showing orange alien with a mischievous grin.

End Scene

Next scene opens with LeBron waking up alone looking disheveled in a messy bed with his wine goblet on the table next to his bed.

Subtitle shows 1:48 pm

LBJ: Oh man, last night was mad real! I need my sunglasses and advil.

LeBron starts getting up and is shown walking into his kitchen area. He notices the empty wine bottle on his kitchen counter.

LBJ: I need to find out where Savannah got this bottle. Those dreams I had last night were crazy.

LeBron walks toward the bottle

OA: Hey LeBron.

LeBron startled turns around to see the alien crew.


LBJ: what the hell are you doing here? you guys are real?

OA: Yes we’re real. Do you remember what we talked about?

Lebron looks shocked and can’t get word a word out.

RA: Gee LeBron just how drunk were you last night?

Other Aliens: Shut up!

LBJ: I might still be drunk if I’m seeing ya’ll! Am I still dreaming?

OA: this is not a dream! This is reality! You have the chance to be the goat! LeBron don’t you want to be the goat? Aren’t you sick of the comparisons?

LBJ: So I can really be the goat huh? All I gotta do is go back with ya’ll and help you beat MJ.

OA: Well yeah but –

LBJ: But what?

OA: We want you to ask your friends for help too. Look I’m telling you this Jordan guy is really good.

RA: Yeah he’s really good

PA: Yeah so we need more help.

RA: We were hoping you wouldn’t be against teaming up with some of your best friends in the NBA to help bring him down.

Camera goes back to Lebron as he is silent

PA: See guys I told you he wouldn’t do it.

OA: Look we need all the help we can ge-

LBJ: Of course that’s no problem. I love teaming up with my boys! This will be fun.

Aliens all breath a sigh of relief.

OA: Good. That will make all of our lives easier.

LeBron’s phone goes off. He notices he is getting a FaceTime from Carmelo Anthony.

LBJ: Alright ya’ll I gotta go. This is perfect. Get back in the bottle and I will see you later.

The aliens begin shrinking back into the bottle. LeBron swipes on Carmelo’s call as this happens.

LBJ: Melooooo!! What’s good my G?

Melo: Any what’s good fam, just seeing what’s good now that you on vacation like me?

LBJ: Melo you won’t believe this shit. I gotta tell you in person. Meet me at the W in an hour.

end scene

Cut to LeBron and Melo mid conversation at the W with a wine bottle and 2 full wine glasses in front of them.

LBJ: Yeah well if they had got that trade done with the whole team for AD we wouldn’t even be talkin’ right now. I would be at practice.

Melo: You should have got them to sign me! We woulda killed it.

LBJ: (finishing his glass of wine) yeah uh well that’s actually why I brought you here.

Melo: You want me on the team next year?

LBJ: Nah man something bigger than that.

Melo: Bigger?

LBJ: Bigger … look I know this is gonna sound crazy but I got a chance for us to play MJ.

Melo: Man even I don’t want no part of playing 50 year old MJ.

LBJ: I’m not talking about Jordan now. Look last night I saw these aliens in my house ok, and they had a time machine.


Melo: You know how crazy you sound right now?

LBJ: I am serious man just hear me out. For real. These aliens came through and they said they could bring me back in time to beat MJ! Their time machine is a wine bottle.

Melo: See, see I knew we had to have this talk. We’ve all been thinking you’ve been taking it a little too far with the wine and-

LBJ: Dawg I’m telling you it’s real! I saw them this morning when I woke up.

Melo: You were probably still drunk man this is what I’m sayi-

LBJ: Look man I know what I saw is real I can show you.

Melo: Alright man if you can show me I’ll back off with this intervention talk.

LBJ: Alright let’s go.

Cut to an unrecognizable man sitting by the bar wearing a hat and sunglasses. He appears to be in his late 60s. He has a look of dread and concern as he sees LeBron and Melo walk off. He pulls out a red flip phone. He dials one number then brings it up to his ear.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.04.19 PM.png

Old Man: Yeah, it’s happening… The thing… I’m dead serious, I’m on the red phone!

Camera goes back to LeBron and Melo as the elevator door closes in front of them.

End Scene.

Next scene opens up with LeBron and Melo in LeBron’s house. They are entering LeBron’s office which is filled with his MVP trophies, Finals MVP trophies and a giant mural of the chase down block on Iguodala. On his desk is the bottle of wine.

LBJ: Alright here it is.

Melo: This is a wine bottle man! I told you you’ve been drinking too much.

LeBron opens the bottle

LBJ: Yo guys come out

The Aliens come out one by one.


Melo: Who the hell are these dudes?

Orange Alien: Who the hell are you?

LBJ: This is my guy Melo! He’s gonna help us.

OA: Ohhh you got us Carmelo Anthony … that’s awesome (said non-convincingly). Wo who else are you thinking of getting. We’re gonna need all the help we can get to beat MJ.

LeBron and Melo look confused at each other.

LBJ: Maybe we can ask cp3?

Melo: Dawg he’s in the playoffs he can’t help us.

LBJ: It’s all; good CP3 always disappears in the playoffs! The Rockets won’t even notice he’s gone.

Purple Alien: Yeah CP3! Let’s get him!

Melo: Alright man let’s do it! We can finally on the same team together!

LBJ: Hell Yeah!

End Scene

Next scene begins with an outside shot of the front of looney toons retirement home. The camera goes up to see the back of the complex. There you can see an outdoor walking track where the Road-runner is getting some laps. He’s still in great shape but not as fast as he was. Tweety and Silvester are sitting on a bench right by the track and appear to be reminiscing. Much of sylvester’s hair has turned grey and he now wears glasses. The camera goes downward toward the back entrance where Foghorn Leghorn and Bugs Bunny are sitting on a bench together. Bugs has put on a considerable amount of weight and has a huge bag of carrots right next to him and is eating a carrot as he is being shown. Foghorn Leghorn is wearing glasses and has a walker in front of him.

Bugs: Ehh, What’s up doc? I didn’t hear ya this morning

Foghorn: What do you mean?

Bugs: Usually you make the noise, the “cock-a-doodle-do” when you wake up but I didn’t hear it this morning.

Foghorn: Bugs I haven’t been doing that for 27 years.

Porky Pig comes into the screen at a slow pace.

Porky: Excuse me there seems to be a be a bi a be a be a bit of a problem.

Bugs: What’s going on.

Porky: I got the c-c-call things are -abo abee are a ba a bu uh it’s happening.

Bugs: Ok. W need to get going… let’s go.

Bugs puts his hands on the end of the bench and makes an audible grunt as he begins getting up.

Porky: Do you n-n-need help?

Bugs: No I got this.

He continues to get up slowly. As he is getting up Foghorn looks at Porky.

Foghorn: Hey while you’re hear could you give me a hand with this?

Porky: Sure i Got it.

Forhorn: (gesturing to his walker) alright just hold it right here, na na right here… there we go… ok (grunts as he is getting up and lets out a breath of relief when he is up) … ok let’s go.

All 3 of them begin walking off slowly.

End Scene.

Next scene opens up with a private plane landing on a tarmac. Subtitle at the bottom saying “Houston”. The plane door opens into stairs and LeBron and Melo exit the plane and into a nearby Sprinter that drives off. The screen transitions to the Sprinter pulling up outside Chris Paul’s house as he is at the doorway.

CP3: Ay what are ya’ll doing here?

LBJ: You gotta come with us we need to go to a game.

Cp3: What are you talking about what game?

LBJ: Look it will take too long to explain and I knew if I called you or facetimed you, you wouldn’t believe me. But we need you on our team for a game.

Cp3: When?

LBJ: Now.

Cp3: I can’t go to a game now I got practice in 20 minutes.

LBJ: Practice? We talking about practice? We NEEd you for this game!

Cp3: (frustrated) What Game!!

Melo: Man shut the fuck up and get in the car.

CP3 looks at melo confused.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.10.04 PM.png


CP3 looks at LeBron who is looking back at him like he’s Mario Chalmers in 2014.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.11.27 PM.png

Cp3: Aright! Damn.

Cp3 Begins getting into the car.

cp3: this is some Bullshit!

Melo and LeBron follow him in the car.

END Scene

The next scene opens up with a shot of the Hornets stadium, Spectrum Arena with a subtitle saying “Charlotte, NC”. Next will follow a quick montage of arena workers packing things up for the offseason, players talking to media, players packing their things up and saying their goodbyes to each other for the offseason. Next shot is of a closed office door with “M. Jordan Owner” Written on the outside. The camera shot comes inside and shows Michael Jordan signing some paperwork.  He hears a knock on the door and looks up.

MJ: Who is it?

There is no answer back so MJ walks up to the door and waits for a moment. He hears the knock again, this time louder and definitively.

MJ: Who is it?

Porky Pig: (very faintly) It’s a buh it’s the be-ba-be-boo –

MJ opens the door and see’s nobody at first. Then he looks down to see Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck.

MJ: Hey! Come on in! I didn’t know you guys were coming to Charlotte! What are ya’ll doing here?

Daffy: They just told me about it. They need my help and I figured maybe you could help us too.

MJ: What do you need help with?

Daffy is looking all around the room at the various heirlooms and nic-nacs in the office.

Daffy: Thisss iss a nice pen, i think I need it but, ANYWAYSssss. It is finally happening, those little creepy aliens finally found someone.

MJ: Damn, over 20 years later and they finally got someone. Who’d they find?

Bugs: That’s the problem Mike, they got LeBron –

MJ: Oh man thats nothi-

Bugs: AND Carmelo and CP3.

Jordan now has a concerned look on his face after hearing this news.

MJ: Ok and how do you know this for sure?

Bugs: Someone told us, one of your friends. He said he would meet us here.

MJ: Who is he?

At that moment someone knocks on the door and they all look.

MJ: Who is it?

Voice through the Door: An old friend.

MJ gets up and walks toward the door. He begins opening it slowly. Then in view of everybody is the old man from the bar. The camera pans from his feet to his head. He’s wearing glasses and a hat, still looking disheveled and unrecognizable. He then takes hit hat and glasses off to reveal his identity as…


Bill Murray!

MJ: Well I’ll be damned!

MJ and Bill go in for a dap/hug.

Bill Murray: How are you doing MJ? It’s been so long. I missed your scent.

Bill Pulls away from the hug as MJ has a confused smile on his face.

BM: Just kidding, we have some work to do.

END Scene

The next scene opens up with the original Space Jam pre-game scene.

[From 0:00-0:46] Before Before the starting lineus are announced, we show the Monstars locker room with the Danny Devito alien talking to his players in the locker room and then being interrupted by LeBron Melo and CP3 walking in with the aliens from the present day.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.16.31 PM

Danny Devito: Who the hell are you?

Orange alien: we’re you guys from the future and we brought some people to help.

LeBron: Let me introduce myself, I am LeBron James and I am here to help you beat Michael Jordan so I can be the GOAT.

CP3 and melo look confused?

Danny Devito: Goat? Sounds You can be anything you want after we win this basketball game and enslave the entire human race!

Lebron: wait what?


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.10.04 PM

Aliens look on shyly

DD: Yeah they must not have told you the stakes of this basketball game. But if we win, we get everything! and everyone!

cp3: wait hold up a sec.

cp3 motions oberon and melo to talk privately. we can’t hear what is being said by cp3 and melo but it is quickly and curtly shut down by LeBron.

LBJ: We’ll do it.

Cut to the Toon Squad player intros.

[From 0:47-2:39]

Everything is the same for them as is in the original space jam until the Monstars introductions. The PA announcer is slipped a note by one of the present day aliens. He looks at it confused. The alien then whispers in his ear.

PA Announcer: And starting for the Monstars, LeBron James!

Cut to a very confused young Michael Jordan.

Pa Announcer: Chris Paul! …and Carmelo Anthony!!!


Younger Michael Jordan looks on very confused and approaches LeBron.

MJ: Who the hell are you?

LBJ: I’m here to take you out old man!

MJ: Old man?

LBJ: When I’m done here they’re gonna be saying I’m the GOAT!

MJ: Why would you want people saying you’re a goat?

LBJ: Look its a thing it – in the future – never mind you wouldn’t understand. But hey, good luck, you’re gonna need it.

LeBron holds out his hand for a handshake. Young MJ looks down in disgust as he walks away and does not extend his hand back. The whistle blows and the ref gets ready for tip-off. The Monstars win the jump ball and the ball goes to CP3. The game begins quickly with an alley oop to LeBron who slams the ball through the hoop down on daffy ducks face. Daffy is flattened into the court as LeBron runs down the court with a hand up in celebration.

The ball is then inbounded to Bugs Bunny who throws a pass out that gets stolen by Melo. Melo pulls up in the corner for a 3 and hits it.


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.20.56 PM

Bugs Bunny: (to MJ) Who the hell are these guys?

Young MJ: I don’t know man but we can beat them come on!

Bugs inbounds the ball to Jordan who gets by one monstar defending him before getting a clear lane to the hoop. Jordan drives in towards LeBron and cp3 who are both under the hoop. As he begins to elevate, LeBron moves out of the way. CP3 tries to challenge MJ at the rim but gets dunked on hard.


CP3 gets up very staggered and a little confused. As he does MJ looks in his eyes

He then shifts that look over to LeBron


As he does this cp3, also looks at lebron frustrated.

CP3: Man why you ain’t help me?

LBJ: Just shut up and give me the ball

CP3 inbounds to LeBron who takes one look up at the basket and drives full speed right towards the hoop. Lola Bunny tries playing defense but she just gets dunked on. Lola then goes to get the inbounds pass but it is stolen immediately by LeBron who throws down another huge dunk.

LBJ: This is light work boys!

Lola then inbounds the ball to MJ who is trapped at half court by LeBron and a Monstar. He tries to pass out of the trap only to have his pass stolen by cp3. cp3 then finds melo in the corner for an open 3 which he hits.


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.20.56 PM

The scoreboard reads 12-2 as MJ shifts his focus from the scoreboard to the group of CP3 Melo and LeBron celebrating. MJ gets the ball and brings it up the court. He finds himself posting up Melo in the baseline and he does his signature turn-around jumper. The ball then gets inbounded to LeBron who gets it stolen by Jordan while he is bringing the ball up. Jordan passes ahead to Bugs who looks open at the hoop. But when he goes up for a layup his shot is swatted to the other side of the court where CP3 catches it and does a finger roll. The focus goes back on the scoreboard that now reads 14-2. The scoreboard stays in focus while the score continues to rise. We go into halftime with the score of ‘Kinda one sided isn’t it’ to 18.


Halftime for the looney toons is exactly how it was in the first Space Jam.

We get to the Monstars locker room where they are all celebrating and talking about their first half success.

LBJ: Look guys we just gotta keep doing what we’re doing! So whenever any of you have the ball, just give it to me and get out the way! They can’t stop me!

Orange Alien: Wait a minute! Before you go any further, let me check something.

The orange alien then opens the locker where he suspects Porky Pig to be hiding as he was in the first movie but he was not there. He looks around confused, opening all of the lockers looking for porky pig. Nobody else knows what he is doing so they are all looking confused.

LBJ: Is this what you interrupted me for? Are you done now?

The aliens all congregate together, nervously whispering to one another.

Orange Alien: Last time we were here, they had one of their own hiding in here trying to spy on us. They’re not there this time but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

LBJ: Anyway’s as I was saying pass me the ball, pass, pass, pass! But only to me

Lebron’s voice begins to fade as the camera pans from the inside of the locker room to through the wall and into the hallway where we see porky pig walking alone before he is stopped in his tracks and looks startled.

Porky Pig: (gasps) What are you- how the- where did- how did you get here?

The camera angle then changes to porky’s point of view, where he is looking at old bugs, old daffy, old porky, Bill Murray and present day MJ.

MJ: We heard you needed help, and just like you once told me, anything is possible in looney toon land.

The next scene opens on the court. The Monstars come out and look serious. LeBron has a look on his face that hasn’t been seen since his Miami days. Melo and CP3 stand right beside him, also with a serious demeanor. The Looney Toons come out following young MJ and get ready to start warming up. Young MJ looks directly at LeBron and gives him a sly smile then looks back towards the tunnel and gives a head nod.


Present day MJ then emerges from the tunnel being followed by Murray, and the old Looney Toons. The camera goes back to LeBron CP3 and melo.


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.10.04 PM

All while LeBron looks on in disbelief.


LBJ: Man what are you doing here Mike? You think you’re old ass and this geriatric crew is gonna be any help?

MJ: First of all watch who you’re calling old. When this is over I’ll call Nike to have them chop your balls off and hand them to me partna!

CP3 LeBron and Melo continue to look on in disbelief.

MJ: And both of you motherfuckers are being taken off the Jordan Brand. Non championship winning ass mother fuckers trying to take prime me down in a basketball game for the fate of the human race? Who the fuck do you think you motherfuckers are?! Ya’ll are a disgrace to the Jumpman logo.

LBJ: When this is over I’m gonna be the GOAT and you and young you are both gonna be my slaves! What the fuck do you think you’re gonna do? I’m not gonna lose to no 50 year old!

MJ: If you think I came back to help this team you’re sadly mistaken.

At this moment the arena becomes silent. At this moment all of the onlookers have a slightly terrified look on their face. If MJ didn’t come back to help what is he here for?

MJ: You’re right. I’m too old. I can’t hang with you young boys anymore. So I brought someone with me who can. Someone else with Carolina roots. Someone else who loves to dominate the game and his opponents as much as me.

CP3 LeBron Melo, the Monstars and Danny Devito look on in absolute horror.

MJ: I brought the new Monstar with me. Someone with a complete game. From A … to

MJ looks back to the tunnel and yells out

MJ: Zee!

At this time an unrecognizable figure emerges from the tunnel. He emerges into the spotlight and his identity is revealed.


It is Zion Williamson! LeBron takes a step back and looks on in disbelief. He brings his shirt up to his mouth while he talks to Melo and CP3.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.45.11 PM

During that interaction Zion walks up to young MJ.

Zion: Hey I’m Zion! Really nice to meet you.

He extends his hand for a handshake

Young MJ: Mike.

Young MJ shakes Zion’s hand. They exchange serious looks to one another as present day MJ approaches.

MJ: Look I would love if you guys had more time to get to know one another but we got a game to win! You boys ready

Zion and Young MJ: Ready!

Young MJ: (to present day MJ) Man what are they feeding these kids in the future?

The camera then goes into the huddle of LEBron CP3 and Melo.

LeBron: Look there’s still 3 of us and only 2 of them! Not to mention we got way better teammates than them. Let’s just focus on getting this win.

The whistle blows to signal the end of halftime and the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

The ball is inbounded to Jordan who is met at half court by Melo and LeBron. The camera then shows Zion who is being face-guarded by cp3. Zion fakes one way and then runs the other, leaving Chris Paul in the dust as he falls to the ground. Jordan lobs the ball up from just beyond half court to Zion who throws down a thunderous dunk.



CP3: Timeout ref!

The camera then pans to cp3 who has come up lame and is slowly limping off the court.

LBJ: What happened.

CP3: Man I fucked up my hamstring, I can’t really walk. You guys are gonna have to finish this game without me.

LeBron and Melo look at each other

Melo: We’ll be alright. We can do this.

Melo says this unconvincingly to LeBron as LeBron looks on without saying anything right away.

LBJ: Yeah we got this.

Play begins as the ball is inbounded to LeBron. He gets around Bugs Bunny and looks ahead to pass to a cutting Melo. LeBron passes to Melo in stride who goes up for a layup but it is blocked against the backboard by Zion who comes down with his own rebound. Zion then takes the ball up for two dribbles and passes to a cutting Jordan who throws down a thunderous dunk with his tongue wagging out right on top of the Mugesy Bogues Monstar.



Young MJ and Zion go in for a chest bump. Behind the chest bump, Melo and LeBron look at each other with an uneasy feeling.

Melo: We might have a problem on our hands.

Cut to a montage of Zion and Young MJ making shots, dunks, alley oops between the two, and making 3 pointers, meanwhile the Monstars play sloppily, turning the ball over, missing shots, passing out of bounds. All while the score board changes to say 68-22, then 68-34, then 68-49, then 68-60 with 3:57 left in the game.

The montage ends with the moguesy bogues monstar dribbling up the court and just slipping and losing the ball out of bounds. He is very slow to get up and looking dazed as LeBron approaches him.

LBJ: Man what the hell was that?

MBM: I don’t know I feel way out of it.

LBJ: What you mean whats wrong with you?

Barkley Monstar: What’s in your secret stuff?

LBJ: My secret stuff?

BM: Yeah your secret stuff, we all started drinking it at halftime.

Camera cuts to the Monstars bench where the Shaun Bradley and Larry Johnson Monstars are sitting there, looking out of it. On the end of the bench is a bottle that says ‘LeBron’s secret stuff’. The camera zooms onto the bottle where you can see its written over a wine bottle.

Shaun Bradley Monstar: Yeah man I’ve been drinking that stuff too, what’s in it?

LBJ: This wasn’t supposed to be for ya’ll this was my victory wine! Who got into this? Which one of ya’ll did this?

Camera cuts to the old grandma looney toon trying to hide her pad of paper and pen in her pom poms. LeBron notices this and it enrages him. He charges at the grandma and shoves her into the stands. Everybody looks on in shock and disbelief. Tweety bird then gets in LeBron’s face.

Tweety: Hey! You don’t touch her mister!

Tweety hits LeBron with a right hook, left hook, jab, and uppercut. Next the whistle blows and the ref (marvin the martian) gets in between Tweety and LeBron.

MTM: Ok that’s it, that is a flagrant foul you are out of the game! Two shots and the ball for the Monstars.

Young MJ: What? An ejection? And no foul on them?

MTM: Technically Granny is not playing on the team so I can’t call a foul there. Tweety was on the court and committed the foul! Rules are rules

Young MJ: This fuckin league man! You got Stern on the phone with you or what?

LBJ: Man don’t worry about it, it ain’t the refs fault you losing.

Zion: (to young MJ) Yo don’t worry about them. We still got time. Let them take these shots and I’ll steal the inbound and find you for 3 and we only down 7 with 3 minutes left.

As Zion is having his dialogue with Young MJ, LeBron is in the background getting ready to shoot his first foul shot. He misses and the crowd cheers.

Young MJ: 6

Zion: Even better we got this!

LeBron makes his second free throw and the scoreboard is shown 69-60 still with 3:57 left. Melo goes to inbound to LeBron from the side and Zion cuts in and knocks the ball away. He chases the ball down in the corner where he is trapped by Lebron and Melo. He kicks it to Jordan who is wide open at the top of the key for 3. He takes it, and makes it!

Young MJ: Yes!

Melo is bringing the ball up next, and he pulls up just after half court for a deep 3. He hits it!


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.20.56 PM

LBJ: Thats it let’s pull away from these fools.

Young MJ then takes the ball up the court and pulls up at the same spot as Melo for 3 and hits it! The score shows 72-66 with 3:05 left.

Young MJ: Thats it baby! Now let’s bring it on defense!

LeBron takes his time getting the ball up the floor before passing to Melo. HE then gets down in the post and asks for the ball back. Melo doesn’t see him and jacks up a 3 with Young MJ right in his face. He misses and Zion gets the long rebound. He takes it coast to coast and slams it down. The crowd starts going nuts as Zion and Jordan high 5 each other. LeBron and Melo are then shown walking up the floor together visibly arguing.

LBJ: Man just give me the ball when I’m asking for it did you not see me?

Melo: Man I was wide open!

LBJ: No you weren’t you had the defense in your face.

The ref blows the whistle and everybody looks at him.

MTM: That is a 5 second violation! Toon Squad ball!

LeBron looks pissed and is fuming at Melo.

LBJ: Get your head in the game!

Young MJ takes the inbounds pass and is being defended by LeBron. MJ goes to the right and LeBron is met by a pick from Zion. Young MJ takes the open shot at the elbow and makes it! Scoreboard now reads 72-70 with 1:47 left. The ball gets inbounded to LeBron who locks his vision directly onto the hoop and starts driving from underneath the other basket. He goes full speed and attempts a dunk but is met at the rim and fouled by Zion. The whistle blows and LeBron gets ready to go to the line.

MTM: Foul on number 1, two shots for the Monstars.

LeBron goes up to the line and gets ready to shoot his free throws. The first one goes up and in. LeBron goes in to high 5 his teammates. Scoreboard shows 73-70 Blows on his hands before the ref gives him the ball before his second shot. His second shot goes up and he misses! Zion rebounds and begins bringing the ball up. Zion throws a cross court pass to Jordan who begins posting up on Melo. Jordan passes to a cutting Zion who has LeBron right on him. Zion pump fakes and then passes back to a wide open Jordan who puts in a layup. Scoreboard reads 73-72 with 58 seconds left.

Zion: Let’s go let’s get a stop!

Melo brings the ball up slowly and dribbles at the top of the key, trying to take up as much time as possible. He passes to LeBron who is in the post, backing down Zion. LeBron takes two dribbles in before turning around and going for a contested layup. The shot misses but Melo gets the rebound. Timer shows 33 seconds left.

Young MJ: We’re still good! don’t foul! We have time!

Melo takes the ball back to the top of the key where LeBron meets him and takes the ball.

LBJ: Iso Iso!

LeBron waits patiently while the clock runs down. He is being defended by young MJ. LeBron tries to shake him right then left before pulling up for a long 3 pointer. The shot misses and the rebound goes out to Zion. Zion takes a few dribbles towards half court before he is trapped Melo and LeBron. He passes back to Jordan who is standing in the corner by the bench. He has Present Day MJ and Bill Murray on their feet behind him watching. The clock then shows 9 seconds remaining. Jordan begins dribbling up the court while the Monstars come to press him on defense. He gets around Barkley before passing out to Zion who is just beyond half court Zion makes a cross court pass to a wide open daffy duck who is quickly swarmed by the Monstars and gives up the ball back to Jordan at the end of the half court logo with 4 seconds remaining. Jordan starts driving and then begins his jump at the 3 point line. LEBron and Melo start running to get in front of him to prevent the basket. At that time Jordan’s arm begins to stretch towards the basket, as it did in the original space jam. Replicating the iconic side view of MJ jumping with an outstretched arm, and then throwing the ball through the hoop as the buzzer sounds.


Once the Buzzer sounds the screen pauses and fades into a blurry vision as cheers from the crowd fade away. We open the next scene at a backyard bbq. Attendees include present day MJ, his wife and sons, Bill Murray, Zion Williamson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, and Larry Johnson. Everyone is having a good time, socializing, eating, and smiling.

Next is an action shot of Michael  where he is talking and is paused and the description comes up beside it.

Michael Jordan

“After helping save the human race from evil aliens for the second time, Michael Jordan went back to his duties as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets.”

Next show an action shot of Zion that gets paused with the description beside it


“Zion Williamson entered the NBA the following season and his competitive spirit reinvigorated the league’s competitiveness and saved the NBA from another ‘super team’ era.

Next show the Aliens sitting around in the Moron Mountain control room

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.56.44 PM

“The Aliens were finally abolished to live on Moron Mountain forever, but they had some company with them”

Next is a clip of LeBron Melo and CP3 playing alien kids in basketball, and the alien kids run up stairs next to the hoop, while LeBron CP3 and Melo are stuck on the ground

[From 3:24-3:32]

“LeBron CP3 and Melo were also banished to live the rest of their days at Moron Mountain where they were forced to play basketball against the paying customers… and they always lose”


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