Did Rob Pelinka Fuck Up The Easiest Job In Sports?

Up until today, being the GM of the Los Angeles Lakers was a very favorable position to be in. You’re running the premier franchise in a premier city. There has never been anything that has prohibited from the Lakers from getting the players they want. They have everything in LA after-all. The beautiful weather, the nightlife scene, the movie industry. Why wouldn’t anyone want to come to the Lakers? Well one reason according to Magic Johnson would be Rob Pelinka. I was shocked that Magic Johnson called out Rob Pelinka the way he did. One other thing Magic said on First Take is that he has a lot of friends. As I mentioned before LA has everything. And Magic has used everything to his advantage to create friendships everywhere. Which is why it surprised me that he would call Pelinka out publicly like this.

The other crazy thing is that Pelinka was mad at Magic for only coming into the office a couple days a week. Dude he is Magic Johnson, he literally has you hired to do his day-to-say work. Pelinka even said in his press conference that Magic has the ability to light up a room and fill it with hope and joy. When Rob Pelinka walks in a room, the complete opposite is felt be other people. I shouldn’t say that since I don’t know the guy. But I don’t know Magic either but it doesn’t take much to know what he can do. Rob Pelinka can’t relate to players coming to Los Angeles and telling them everything that LA has to offer them. Now the question remains, how long until Rob Pelinka gets fired? Also when he does get fired will Magic come back in an official role? He said he would still be helping the Lakers in some capacity and the truth is he is better off not having an official position with the team. The best position for the Lakers would be to have Magic running the team without officially running the team. Which is why Pelinka fucked up the easiest job. All he really had to do was agree with Magic and let him do his thing. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is be likable. That is exactly what Magic Johnson is and what Rob Pelinka isn’t. There has already been reports* that agents and GMs don’t even like taking his calls.

I would love to see Magic buy the team and immediately fire Pelinka. That is probably the best thing for the Lakers. They need someone to pass the torch for Jerry Buss. Someone who could bring new players out in LA and show them around like Jerry showed Magic around when he was drafted. Young NBA players aren’t going to be able to relate to Jeanie Buss or her sons. Magic is the perfect person to welcome a young NBA player to LA. There are not many people who know more people and are more revered in that city than Magic Johnson is. I hope this ends up coming to fruition.


*I’m not going to pretend I knew this going into writing this article. I actually found this out when I googled ‘Rob Pelinka hair’ because I was thinking about how shitty his hair is and how the Lakers have two of the worst hairlines with him and LeBron.




I retract my statement about LA having everything. They must not have good hair doctors. That’s why Magic is bald.



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