Fuck Terry Rozier

I’ve had this on my mind for a while but with Terry being on ESPN all day I couldnt let it go. First off, if you dont know who Terry Rozier is, hes a backup point guard on the Celtics. But if you ask Terry he will probably tell you he’s the best basketball player to ever live. This all comes after he played very well for one month in the playoffs last season. In that time frame he also started a feud with Eric Bledsoe of the Bucks. This culminated in Rozier wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey to a game which got the Boston crowd fired up. That and Terry’s good play. But like all good things, they must come to an end and they did. The Celtics season ended at home in game 7 of thr eastern conference finals. In that game Terry had 4 points and shot 0-10 from 3 point range. The dude is the definition of inconsistent. He is the first person that came to my mind when Kyrie made these comments:

Terry is a guy who had a taste of the high life and decided he wasn’t going back to being a bench-warmer. He felt like Boston was his city and the Celtics were his team. It’s like in Eastbound and Down when Kenny Powers goes out with his old baseball buddies for one night and then quits his job at the rent-a-car place.

The only problem is Terry couldn’t quit the Celtics this year and was stuck playing behind people much better than him. IT’s hilarious to me that he is coming out saying he won’t be back with the Celtics unless they get rid of Kyrie AND Hayward. Yeah sure Terry, lets just let the two all-star caliber players we have go and bring you back. That will certainly make the team better.

Look I get why he wanted to play more minutes. His contract is up and his agent is telling him he deserves a lot more money than he does and it is creating a situation where his ego is larger than his skill. Rather than being a team guy he has been making it known he wants to start and he wants to get paid. He has had to play behind two players who made the all-star team in the last 4 years in Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving. He thinks he has just been waiting patiently for his turn to be an all-star guard but that is not it. He is just not an exceptional talent. His hot playoffs last year was the worst thing that could have happened to him. Now he is under the impression that he deserves this playing time and is being held back. Those playoffs are his ceiling. He will never be better than he was that month. He may equal that success but he won’t do better.

I even get why he wanted more minutes than Hayward. The argument could be made that he deserved them and that he played better than Hayward. But that is just this year. The Celtics are smart enough to know that with the right time and rehab Hayward will be playing well again. And Hayward playing well is a lot better than Terry playing well. Again we’re talking about an all-star caliber player compared to a guy who had a good month. The team I think Terry deserves to go to is the Bulls. Let him start in that mess they have going on in Chicago and see if he likes being on a terrible team at the bottom of the standings. It’s a lot harder to be a good role player on a good team than it is to be the best player on a bad team. Terry couldn’t make it being a role player on the Celtics. He can try being the best player elsewhere but he will soon realize he isn’t good enough for that either. If he continues on the same trajectory, Terry’s attitude will have him out of the league soon enough.


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