Now is the Best Time to Bet the Celtics to Win the East

Because they will not be losing many games going forward. I am predicting a win tonight and a win in their next two games of this series. Giannis had 22 free throw attempts the last game. There is no chance that continues. Then the Celtics just have to get through one game in Milwaukee where they will not shoot anywhere near as well as they did in game 2. Then when the series comes back to Boston for game 6 momentum will do it’s thing. This series reminds me of the 2010 Eastern Conference semis between the Cavs and Celtics. The Cavs were the best team that year winning 67 games. They dominated the regular season and could not be stopped. Similarly to how the Bucks dominated this year’s regular season. The Celtics were coming off a year where they felt they had unfinished business due to Kevin Garnett’s injury that caused him to miss the post season. They wound up with the fourth seed that year but with a team full of veterans and all-stars, they knew that being ready for the playoffs was all that mattered. When the series started the Cavs took the first two at home before the Celtics won the next four.

This year the Celtics are in a similar series with the Bucks. The Bucks cruised to a 1 seed while dominating the regular season. The Bucks success revolves around the success of one player (Giannis). The Celtics are a much deeper team and a much more experienced team. Which is weird to think about when you consider how young they all are. But every player on the team has had experience going deep into the playoffs. The Celtics went to the Eastern Conference finals in each of their last two seasons and they are being led by Kyrie Irving who has won a championship, hitting the game winning shot in the process.

The crazy part of all of this is that the Celtics are +1200 to win the east! That is unreal value for a team as good as they are. Especially when there are really no other good teams from the east. Is anybody really taking the Raptors and Sixers seriously? I get Milwaukee is up 2-1 but do people really think they have control of this series? After the Celtics win tonight  the price will drop considerably. So, as I stated in the title, now is the best time to bet the Celtics to win the East.They will win and cover tonight and the following two games after that as well.


The Picks:

Celtics -1.5

Celtics +1200 to win the East

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