Bucks @ Celtics -1.5 Thoughts and Pick

I love the Celtics in this series. But I think this game is the hardest to choose so far. I originally didnt think the Celtics would win game 1 but when they did I thought they would sweep. I’m not sure they will win this game tonight either now. Most of the money is on the Celtics but they are only favored by 1.5. I know they’re at home on a friday night in Boston but something doesn’t feel right about them tonight. Make no mistake I think the Celtics will win in 6 but I have the Bucks tonight. I am of course a Celtics fan so I am slightly biased but I have mentione why the Celtics are better and will do so again.

It is their depth. Milwaukee was able to get into their bench a little bit since they had a big lead in game 2. But we saw in game 1 when they are not front running and dont have the crowd behind them, they do not play very well. That is going to be a big problem for Milwaukee once Boston makes the proper adjustments to their defense. Which will be after tonights game. Boston will win the next 3 but Milwaukee has it tonight.

The Pick

Milwaukee +1.5

Milwaukee ML +110

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