Betting on Magic @ Raptors

I’m going to say the same thing here that I did to start the series. The Raptors are overvalued here. This is an unpopular pick but this line is way too high. This is one of those picks that I hate thinking about it as I’m writing it. I almost feel like I’m walking into a game that’s going to be a blowout and I’m going to be hoping they bring it back to cover towards the end of the game. But I can not take the Raptors. I do not trust them despite them winning the last 3 games, 2 of them by more than 20 points. I don’t feel comfortable having a ticket on the Magic but I may feel less comfortable having  ticket on the Raptors. Which may have just talked me into betting the Raptors. I’ve heard the best bets are the ones that make you feel uncomfortable. Betting the Raptors tonight certainly does that. I’ve also learned sometimes it is better to go with my gut feeling. Also the public pick is the Raptors which makes me want to stay away from them.


Ultimately my gut feeling is telling me that the Magic will fight and not lose by double digits again. In Steve Clifford’s only appearance in the playoffs as a coach, the Hornets team he was coaching lost by 30 in game 7 in Miami. I think after going through something like that once, he will be better prepared to prepare his players to play in a closeout game in a tough environment. So I’m taking the Magic. But I still hate it.


The Pick:

Magic +11.5

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