NBA Playoff Thoughts and Rockets Jazz Pick

So the Celtics swept their first round before I could write my thoughts on how I think they will go to the finals. Being the lower seed against Milwaukee will benefit them. I say that because I see this series going one of two ways. The way I see things going most likely, the Bucks will win the first two games at home. They will probably shoot very well and win big. The Celtics will then make adjustments and win the next 4 games. The Bucks will have a little bit of that home team magic to start off but the Celtics coaching and depth will be too much. The Bucks are like the 2000s Cavs that had LeBron and nobody else. That does not work in the playoffs. The only other outcome I see is a Celtics sweep.

I see the Rockets coming out of the Western conference. They are just different this year. Their defense is incredible and their offense is still as great as ever. Also James Harden is jacked this year. He finally has his kinesio tape off and his body right. I feel like he has undeservingly been given a reputation for being overweight and lazy on defense. Whether or not there was any truth to that, there is not anymore. He looks better than ever and his play has also been better than ever. I see the Rockets finishing off the Jazz tonight and covering too. I see it being easy too. They started the season slow but have built up to be playing their best basketball in the playoffs. Since Mike DiAntoni became coach they have peaked at different times. Last year they were great early and built up a lead for the best record in the league. The year before they had a midseason stretch where nobody played better. This year they are peaking in the playoffs. I think they can get the Warriors in 6 in the next round. They had them down 3-2 last year but the series went to Oakland for game 6. If they can get the lead again this year they will have a chance to finish the Warriors off at home.

Sometimes I can’t tell if I think something is going to happen or I want it to happen. That is kinda my thought process with the Rockets I want the Warriors with Kevin Durant to be done. I want the underdog Rockets to pull through. I want them to ruin everyones predictions and assumptions that the championship was already decided before the season started. I think everyone would agree that the Warriors have looked vulnerable this year. I think the Rockets just have the momentum on their side this year. It feels like they are getting healthy and playing their best ball at the right time. The Warriors just lost DeMarcus Cousins. Draymond Green hasn’t been in great shape this year and has not been as reliable as he was in the past. He has been more of their anchor rather than their x-factor he was in the past. It just doesn’t feel like their year. I think even if they get out of the west they lose in the finals to the Celtics. The Rockets and Celtics will be too tough of a back to back matchup. Plus the Celtics can do much more defensively than the Rockets can to match up with the depth the Warriors have.


The Pick:

Rockets -2.5

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