Thad Robinson: Dumbest Man Alive

I want to make a show similar to catfished but the premise of the show is to catfish people trying to see if they are being catfished. They’re already dumb enough to get catfished in the first place what is another level to it? I can kinda sound like new over the phone and pretend that my camera doesn’t work. these people are obviously gullible if they are already trying to see if they got catfishd in the first place. I don’t even understand how that show could last so long. It basically shows you in every episode what to do to tell if you’re getting catfishes or not. Do you really need a camera crew to come and humiliate you and tell you how foolish you are. some of these people have to know. like the episodes where they don’t tell their friends. because they know if they do that their friends will tell them the truth and they just wanna keep living the lie that they’re dating a model that lives in another city. thats another way to explain the situation nicely. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. That includes all facets of life including your DMs. If a guy or girl is messaging you and you think they are way out of your league its because they are.those people are not really messaging you. why would they start now? what I would want is a list of all the people who have either been on catfish or are trying to be on catfished. that is a marketing list that can be sold anything. If you’re gullible enough to believe that you’re talking to a model you will definitely believe this weight loss pill will work miracles without you needing to diet or work out. you will definitely believe that this online classroom will advance your career and allow you to apply for better jobs.

I saw one episode of catfished where the guy knew he got catfished and his motivation was just to expose this person. This came after he allowed the catfish to ruin his marriage and his family. He is still married but doesn’t live with his wife. They are still  communicating and trying to stay together for the kid but things are going well recently! his words not mine. I don’t believe things are going well at all. Not even a little bit. I will tell you why;

First of all this dude let a fake person messaging him on Facebook ruin his marriage. I’m not married so I’m not going to pretend like I know the trials and tribulations of marriage but I know how to tell if I’m being catfished. And I can tell within the first minute looking at someones profile. Nevermind having conversations with this random person to the point that it ruins my relationship with my wife and mother of my child. It would be one thing if it was an actual real person messaging you or you were actually physically cheating on your wife. I feel like the wife would have been happier if she was getting actually cheated on with someone in real life. When you catch your husband emotionally cheating on you with someone who doesn’t exist that is just humiliating. Not only is he being unfaithful but he is stupid enough to be fooled by a fake person on the internet. That is next level shame that the wife must feel.

Secondly I know things are not going well because you are not even over the person who catfished you! It would be one thing if you got catfished your wife found out and you decided to put the whole ordeal behind you and move forward. You could have used this as an opportunity to grow as a person and concentrate on the important things in your life, your wife and kid. This moment could have strengthened your marriage. Instead this person took up so much real estate in your head that you took it upon yourself to call the catfish expert Nev to expose this person.

I couldnt believe he had the balls to say things had ben going well recently. Bro you are living alone talking to the catfish experts to try and expose the person who you think ruined your marriage. I can not put into words the amount of second hand embarrassment his wife must feel. Your dumbass husband is on TV talking about how things are going well recently? Any chance you had of your marriage working went out the window when Nev got involved in your marriage.

Your marriage failing is on you not the catfish. Your wife got out just in time. The cherry on top of it all is this dude is a corrections officer. Thats just par for the course for all COs. Talk about the dumbest contingent of people on the planet. Let me say this loud and clear. FUCK ALL CORRECTIONS OFFICERS. These are the people worse than most cops. They’re not competent or enough to do real police work. These guys are bullied kids who take steroids and use their first time with any authority to power trip and make smart ass comments. These are the kinds of people who talk tough to you while your handcuffed and shackled but would cower if they saw you in the street. I say this with no hyperbole they are the worst of the worst in the criminal justice system. They are all people who have been bullied their whole lives and now have an opportunity to take out their frustrations on the bullies themselves. Every single CO has gotten at least one swirly in their lifetime.

This guy on catfished was a classic CO. You can see he was the type of dude who was bullied  all this life, and not popular. He probably had a no confidence and po probably had a hard time talking to girls. Then he finally got attention from one girl and he immediately locked her down and got a kid inside her. Then a few years into their marriage and he’s being given attention from them only other girl who has ever talked to him. It gets so bad to the point his wife and kid move out. Then he finds out she’s fake and now he wants to find out who it is. He wants to confront them so he can show them how tough he is! Just like any CO, make sure you are in complete control of the situation before talking shit. You could go through with finding out who it is and confronting them yourself but if theres no cameras around they might beat the shit out of you! After all you’ve never been in a real fight. You’re just a CO, so you beat people up that can’t fight back. And you have the rest of your CO buddies there to help. Fuckin pussies every last one of em.

As I write about bullying and COs I am left to wonder, who will be the COs of the future if bullying is taken away? While I will agree that excessive online bullying and harassment should not be tolerated, there is something to having a pecking order while growing up so to speak. If everyone is always nice to one another and nobody ever has to deal with their head being flushed into a toilet. Well then we will have nobody that grows up with years of resentment due to having their head flushed in the toilet and then having no friends as a result. Without people like that, who will we have to berate and abuse all of the people going through our prison systems? Who else will be motivated to administer that kind of abuse on people day after day? I don’t have the answers I just ask the questions.

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