The Celtics Are Almost Back!!

They are resting Kyrie tonight so they are only 5.5 point favorites tonight in Cleveland. I’m still afraid the Cavs might keep this close. I mentioned yesterday that these bad teams are more dangerous this time of year. Then the Suns went out and lost by 30. But Devin Booker scoring 59 kinda redeemed me. No other Suns player even reached double figures and it’s tough to keep a game close when nobody can score. The last time these teams played the Celtics won by only 6 but the Cavs did not have Kevin Love playing. By the way, how sweet is it to be Kevin Love right now? LeBron left town which freed up their cap room to sign Love to a huge deal. Now he just gets the bag without having any expectations for winning or even playing that much. Especially with the Cavs trying to tank this year he basically got to take most of the season off. The best part is this gets no media attention. The only drawback I guess is living in Cleveland but I’m sure his off-season plans are already set by now and he will be out of Cleveland in no time. I’m really torn on this pick because I think the Cavs will keep the game close but my gut tells me the Celtics pull away late. So I am taking the Celtics.


I’ve also mentioned all year how the Celtics remind me of the 2001 Lakers. This is the point in the season where I think they start to take off and have their momentum follow them into the playoffs. Not having home court may work to their advantage as they will be able to close out series sweeps at home.


The Pick:

Celtics -5.5

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