The Mormon Megolodon Returns To Utah!

If that isn’t reason enough to bet the Suns I will give you some more.


For one they are 15 point underdogs, which is outrageous. I know they are a playoff team and the Suns are not very good but 15 is still very inflated. The Jazz are coming back home after a 4 game road trip on the east coast. The first game back home is always tough for a team. Getting back in the routine of being at home rather than on the road and tending to all of your needs at home can be a bit distracting. Also their lone loss on the road trip was against the Hawks. The Hawks and Suns both have similar offensive styles which leads me to believe the Suns will have a shot and this will be a close game.


Also it is tough for a team like the Jazz to get up for a game against the Suns this late in the year. They have all but locked up their playoff spot and they are just trying to get to the post-season healthy. This is the time of year where teams like the Suns and the Knicks are most dangerous. The Suns just won outright against the Warriors a few weeks ago as 18 point dogs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them win here. I love this pick.


The Pick:

Suns +15

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