My Thoughts On The State Of The Celtics- Bet On Them To Win Tonight

The beginning of this is a a rant bout how much I hate the Celtics media. If you just want my pick for the game skip to the bottom paragraph.


The Celtics have lost 5 of their last 6 games and┬ádefinitely appear to be struggling right now. They are not in danger of missing the playoffs and still have a pretty good record. But if the reports are true about this team, they all hate each other. There’s been a growing discontent all season. These problems have surrounded Kyrie Irving’s future plans in free agency and incorporating Gordon Hayward into the rotation. After a gruesome leg injury forced Gordon Hayward was to miss the entire season last year, he has returned this year. But he has not played at the all-star level that was originally expected of him. This issue has the biggest effect on Jaylen Brown. Right now Jaylen is still signed to his rookie contract and is making about $25 million less this season than Hayward. With Jaylen’s minutes going down so are his chances to show what he is worth in upcoming contract negotiations. This is what I believe has caused most of the Celtics interpersonal issues this year.


Kyrie has made it very clear he intends on staying but is doing what is best for himself by reviewing his options. The media is honestly so stupid to me. Kyrie is upset after a loss and the media narrative is “what’s wrong with Kyrie?” The media has absolutely no empathy for anyone. They can never put themselves in the position of a star athlete that just failed in what they were trying to accomplish. Obviously people are not going to want to be talkative after a loss. When Kyrie says he doesn’t owe anybody shit, he or any other athlete especially doesn’t owe their time to the media. Not to mention the fact that the media asks the dumbest questions. “Talk about what happened in the first half” dude did you just watch the game? You saw what happened in the first half. Do you really need him to tell you? I hate LeBron but I liked when he would just list the plays out as they happened. Do you want Kyrie to read the fucking play-by-play for you?


The media should shoulder more blame for athletes not wanting to talk to them. Maybe ask better questions and athletes will have better answers. Or ask questions less so that when they give you answers they’re not sick of seeing your stupid face asking the same fucking question worded differently for the 134th day in a row. Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots gets the same grief about being short with the media. But every once in a while someone asks him a good question and he will go into very vivid detail. I remember one press conference when he was asked a question about the Saints special teams unit and Belichick went into a dialogue about how valuable of a punter Thomas Morstead is. Anyways I’m getting off topic. Time to get back on the subject at hand.


Tonight the Celtics play the Warriors. These matchups have been extremely close over the past few years. The Celtics have matched up very well when playing against the Warriors. The Warriors bring out the best in the Celtics, as they do with everyone. One of the biggest challenges of being the defending champions is always having that target on your back. That is why I like the Celtics tonight. The Warriors are also dealing with injuries to Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson. Despite the Celtics issues they are still very talented. Kyrie has made the comment that he doesn’t see anybody beating them in a seven game series. I agree with that as well. It just depends if we will see the Celtics put forth their best effort for a full series. I know they will against the Warriors tonight.


The Pick:

Celtics +7

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