2/23 Betting Picks

Slight improvement in record last night at 2-2. Kawhi Leonard ruined what would have been an awesome night with his strip and score to end the Spurs Raptors game. I could not believe me eyes. That is one of the worst beats I have dealt with. Time to move on and look into today. I have one NBA pick and one NHL pick.

My first pick is in the NBA. I like the Thunder, favored at home by 5.5 points against the Kings. They are coming off a double OT win last night against the Jazz. This may scare some people away. I understand why that would be. The idea that fatigue will set in for today’s game makes sense. But I think after a win like they had last night, their adrenaline will have them ready for another game.  Not to mention they are at home on a Saturday. That is a spot they typically do well in. Oklahoma City is a blue collar city and weekend games are always a bit more rowdy there than their games during the week. The Kings are a good team but are still young. I can see them struggling today.

Moving on to the NHL for my next pick. The team I like today is the Dallas Stars. They are hosting the Carolina Hurricanes and the game is being priced as a pick-em. These teams have similar records and are pretty evenly matched. The Stars just ended a 3 game skid with a 5-2 win over the red hot St. Louis Blues. That is a big win that will build their confidence. One of their losses on their 3 game skid came to these same Carolina Hurricanes. I am sure Dallas will be looking to return the favor today. I am taking them on the money-line and sprinkling a little bit on the spread. But I am keeping it safe for the most part after the two bad beats I suffered in each of the last two days.


The Picks:

OKC Thunder -5.5 

Dallas Stars -110

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