Celtics @ Bucks Betting Preview

The NBA is finally back. After 3 nights of watching hockey, without picking a loser, we can go back to the NBA. I will have another NHL pick as well but starting off the day with this one. Lets keep this streak rolling!

So first thing’s first, this line seems a bit inflated. The level of talent on these two teams puts this one at a pick-em to me. It is always tough to gauge how well a team will be playing coming out of the all-star break. But for the Celtics I have a strong feeling they will be ready. First off you have Brad Stevens who has had a week to prepare for this game. Despite the criticism he has received this year because of the Celtics struggles. He is still the best coach in the NBA. Getting this team on the same page has proved to be a bit of a challenge so far. But it’s not like the Celtics are a bad team. They just have not met the high expectations of the media. Yet they still are only 6.5 games behind the Bucks who have the league’s best record. The Celtics still have a very talented team and can hang with anyone. They have played the Bucks twice this year, winning one and losing one. I think the extra time to prepare really gives the Celtics an advantage here so I am taking the Celtics.


The Pick:

Celtics +5.5

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