Blues @ Stars Betting Preview

Back to the NHL where I have not picked a losing team. What started as something to kill time while the NBA was on a break has turned into a hot streak. Without further ado. let’s get into today’s pick.

I took the Blues -1.5 and money line two days ago. They got out to an early 2 goal lead then eventually won the game in overtime giving me a 1-1 day. I took the pick because the Blues have been a wagon. That was their 11th win in a row. Now they travel to Dallas to face a struggling Stars team that has lost five of their last six games. In their last three games they were outscored 14-3. Now they are hosting the red hot Blues and I don’t think they have a chance tonight. I said the other day the rules of a wagon are you ride the wagon until the wagon falls apart. The Blues wagon is still intact and I see it rolling through Dallas tonight. The Blues have shutout their last 3 opponents on the road and four of their last five road games. Tonight’s win will set the Blues up for a wagon vs. wagon matchup against the Bruins on Saturday. For now we focus on tonight though. I’m taking the Blues money line and against the spread. I see them winning this one by at least 3 goals.


The pick:

St. Louis Blues -125

St. Louis Blues -1.5 +210

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