Tristan Thompson Doesn’t Give a Fuck Khloe Dumped Him

Source: Cosmpolitan

In today’s most obvious news. Tristan Thompson doesn’t give a fuck that he and Khloe are broken up. I for one am shocked. I thought after he got caught making out with two women at the same time he would have changed his ways.If I remember correctly, Khloe didn’t really give a fuck about that either. Whether she did or not she let it go and stayed with him. If it were a different girl and not Jordyn Woods she probably still wouldn’t give a fuck. It most likely wouldn’t be news that is for sure. Tristan Thompson has probably wanted to be out of this relationship for a while now. So he is just taking things as far as he can go. Can you blame him? Look at how James Harden has played the past few years since breaking up with Khloe. He has been in the run for MVP every year. Thompson obviously won’t be in the MVP running but maybe he wouldn’t have been out-rebounded by Stephn Curry in the NBA finals. Keep in mind he wasn’t dating Khloe until after winning the NBA finals. Anyway who honestly gives a fuck about any of this “news”. Sorry for wasting your time. Please accept this apology.













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