Maple Leafs @ Blues Betting Preview

After a win yesterday I’m feeling it. The Flames easily covered the game, scoring a late empty netter to win 5-2. With the NBA still off I’m still forced to look into other sports. But luckily for me I have another winner in the NHL.

Right now, the St. Louis Blues are what you call wagon. They have won 10 straight and completely turned their season around in the process. They find themselves in control of their own playoff destiny after being out of the playoffs when the streak started. They are hosting the Maple Leafs who are coming off a loss to the Coyotes. I didn’t have to look that up, I know that after betting against the Coyotes yesterday. But this game is not about them. It is about the Blues whose wagon will continue chugging along tonight. The scores in the last three games of this winning streak 4-0, 3-0, 4,0. Their last home game was an 8-3 win. The Blues success has taken the blues away from the people of St. Louis (see what I did there). It is no coincidence that this streak started right around the time of the Super Bowl. The Rams losing was the biggest win for the city of St. Louis in years and the Blues have not lost since. The rules of a wagon are you hop on until the wagon falls apart. I trust this Blues wagon to keep rolling tonight and keep rolling until probably the first or second round of the playoffs (sorry Blues fans).


The Picks:

St. Louis Blues -1.5 +215

St. Louis Blues -125

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