NBA All Star Game Betting Preview

Only one win last night but enough to keep the good weekend going along.  Hamidou Diallo was priced at +350 which brought a small profit for the day. Still feeling good going into tonight’s main event. Of course I’m talking about the All Star Game between Team LeBron and Team Giannis.

The first thing I want to address is the total. This number is a huge overreaction to the game going under last year. A lot of last year’s low score just had to do with bad shooting. Steph Curry and James Harden were a combined 5-14. Each one of them is capable of that stat line on their own. We also have to take into account the 14 second shot clock on offensive rebounds which was not in effect last year. That has made regular game totals approach the 300’s never mind the All-Star game. Take the over, first half over, first quarter over, second quarter over, and third quarter over.

Next I want to touch on the game itself. First off I think LeBron made a huge mistake trading Westbrook away. Westbrook is always very competitive. He plays very hard in All-Star games and tries to go for MVP. He was a big part of LeBron’s team last year and I think they will miss him this year. Joel Embiid is also playing in his second straight All-Star game against team LeBron. After losing last year I see him being motivated to win this year as well. Him and Westbrook may not really like each other but tonight they have the common goal of taking team LeBron down. I like the makeup of Team Giannis more than Team LeBron. I see LeBron trying to use this game as an opportunity to show his teammates how well he can play with them if they come to LA. I aso see LeBron failing in trying to do so because LeBron is a bad teammate. I see all this obvious tampering going on just blowing up in his face.

Team Giannis looks to have a lot more players motivated to win the game or get the MVP award. I already touched on Westrbook and Embiid. But both Giannis and Stephen Curry have yet to win the All-Star game MVP award. Also Steph Curry playing in his hometown will definitely motivate him. Last night he was wearing a replica jacket of the same jacket he wore as a kid in All-Star weekend. After his amazing performance in the 3-point contest, you can tell this weekend means a lot to him. For the most part, Team LeBron seems pretty apathetic towards the idea of winning. You’ve got LeBron who started the downfall of NBA competitiveness by going to the Heat. You’ve got KD who couldn’t beat the Warriors so he joined them. James Harden who has blatantly quit on his teams in playoff elimination games. I could keep going but you get the point. Ultimately I feel like Team Giannis cares more about winning this game. I see them doing just that.


The Picks:

OVER 313

Team Giannis +5.5

Team Giannis +170

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