NBA All Star Saturday Betting Preview

Awesome night last night. Record was only 2-1 but one of those wins was the celeb game MVP Famous Los +600 and the “home” team winning +115. When you get a +600 win like that it is reinvigorating. Not to mention I handicapped the game perfectly. The vision is coming back and tonight I have another sleeper.

Tonight has the 3 point contest, dunk contest and skills challenge. My favorite pick from these events comes in the 3 point contest. One of the media narratives going into this All-Star weekend is Steph Curry and Seth Curry returning to their childhood hometown. Their father Dell Curry also does commentary for Charlotte so it has been an all around homecoming celebration. I saw an article this morning about how Seth and Steph Curry have a wager going between themselves. In total it’s just been a giant love fest about the Currys and how they will be looking to win in their home town. The media just loves a good story right? Meanwhile there is another very talented point guard in the western conference that is participating in the event. One who is often overlooked and overshadowed by Curry. Even though he was rightfully given first team all NBA last year. I’m talking about Damian Lillard who is priced at +1000 to win the event. The people who are favored above him are the aforementioned Currys, Buddy Hield, Joe Harris and last year’s champion Devin Booker. There is a lot of hype surrounding Joe Harris and Buddy Hield who both shoot very well. But the contest is rarely won by people in their first contest. In the last 10 years it has only happened twice. Also the last time someone won the contest back to back times was 11 years ago. The only person who should be priced above Damian Lillard is Steph Curry who has performed in and won this contest before. Seth Curry and Joe Harris average 2.8 and 5.2 threes attempts per game respectively. Damian Lillard has averaged 7.4 throughout his career and has a .369 (nice) shooting percentage.

Damian Lillard has often been overlooked for all-star consideration and all-nba teams throughout his career. A lot of it has to do with Stephen Curry’s subsequent success playing in the same region. Going into this all-star weekend he is again being overlooked by Curry. I know Lillard is sick of the attention Curry gets. Especially since Curry plays on Lillard’s hometown team. Tonight he gets a chance to ruin the good homecoming story and make the story about himself. The Blazers just beat the Warriors on Wednesday but now Lillard gets a chance to beat Curry on the national stage. I love Lillard to win the whole thing.

The next event I want to touch on is the dunk contest. This event is honestly always a crapshoot. you never know what kinds of props the players are going to pull out and how the judges will react. Out of the four participants there are two that stand out to me. They are John Collins and Hamidou Diallo. The reason I like them is they both have large wing-spans and their dunks look so effortless. Dennis Smith Jr and Miles Bridges are both ferocious in-game dunkers but that does not often translate to dunk contest dunks. I would rather take a chance on the athleticism of Collins and Diallo.


The Picks:

Damian Lillard +1000

John Collins +225

Hamidou Diallo +350

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