NBA All Star Friday Betting Preview

Another loss last night now has my on a losing streak. I have a few picks for tonight’s events though and I feel really good about them. A sweep tonight will get me back on the right track!

The first game of the night is the NBA celebrity game. You may be thinking to yourself, “Are you seriously going to bet the fucking celebrity game?” and the answer is yes. Of course I am betting the celebrity game. You bet where you can find an edge and I see an edge in this game. There is no spread on the game but the “away” team is favored priced at -145. They feature a roster with last year’s MVP Quavo and Hall of Famer Ray Allen. They are easily the two most recognizable names in the contest. Quavo, who is always showing off his athletic abilities on social media is also favored to take home the game’s MVP award. The “away” team also has WNBA center Stephanie Dolson. After that there is nobody else on the team that stands out as having any real talent or athleticism. The “home” team is priced at +115 and does not have the big names the “away” team. But I see a lot more talent and athleticism on the “home” team. The “home” team has former Duke star and ESPN analyst Jay Williams, WNBA rookie of the year A’ja Wilson and former NFL player Steve Smith. They also have a social media influencer named Famous Los who is well known in NBA circles. Famous Los, real name Carlos Sanford, was a high school basketball standout. He has made a name for himself with his funny instagram videos. Along with his funny videos he also posts some of his own basketball highlights. Here he is getting ready for tonights game:

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Despite not being as well known as Quavo I would certainly say he is better than Quavo. He will also be looking to make a name for himself. Famous Los has been in NBA circles for years. He has been working with the NBA during the last two all star weekends. Patiently waiting to finally get his shot in the celeb all-star game. Famous Los will be ready to go off tonight. Along with A’ja Wilson and Jay Williams the “home” team should have enough talented basketball players to win this game. The last thing I want to address is the coaching. The “away” team is being coached by WNBA legend Sue Bird. The “home” team is being coached by Dawn Staley who is the current coach for South Carolina and the USA Womens Basketball team. This gives the “home” team a significant advantage. Sue Bird is a WNBA legend but Dawn Staley is one of the best coaches in women’s basketball today. I am taking the “home” team to start the night and Famous Los to be the MVP.


The next event is the Rising Stars Challenge. This pits the NBA’s best rookies and second year players against each other in a USA vs World format. Team USA is favored by 2.5 points. Team World ran away with the event last year and I can see them doing the same again this year. The reason being is that despite only being in the NBA for one or two years the World players have been playing professional basketball much longer. For example second year Kings guard Bogdan Bogdanovich scored 26 points in last year’s event. He is coming back again this year but he has been playing professionally since 2010. Rookie phenom Luka Doncic has been playing since 2015 and was Euro League MVP last year. This gives these players much more experience playing professional basketball than players on Team USA. These players are usually more disciplined and play better team basketball as a result. It’s no coincidence that Team World has won this contest 3 out of 4 times since it was changed to this format. They should easily win tonight’s contest as well.


The Picks:

“Home” Team (Celebrity Game) +115

Famous Los MVP +600

Team World +2.5

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