Thunder @ Pelicans Betting Preview

I lost my pick last night. Vegas set a trap and I went straight in and got caught eating the cheese. Bill Parcells used to say “Don’t eat the cheese!” and he was right. But we’re turning it around tonight and going into the All-Star Break with a win!


The Thunder have been on fire lately and the Pelicans have looked awful. I almost think this game is a trap itself. But it’s not. The Thunder are legit. Despite the Pelicans leaking information to fracture the Lakers locker room, it would appear the Pelicans locker room has been fractured as well. They lost their last game 118-88 to the Orlando Magic. The Pelicans took Anthony Davis off of their hype video. I think that is a weird move to do with a player still on your team. But Anthony Davis and the rest of the Pelicans look to be mentally checked out. They’re probably going to miss the playoffs this year and Anthony Davis is probably gone at the end of the year as well. The Pelicans have not shown the ability to rebuild on the fly. Since acquiring Davis they have struggled to stay in the playoffs every year. Now that the team has basically admitted they are tanking the team has lost their morale. This is something that can not be said about the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are riding a four game winning streak and have won eleven of their last twelve games. Paul George is averaging over 40 points per game this month and the Thunder are playing their best basketball.
The last time these two teams played I took the Thunder -13.5. My reasoning was that Anthony Davis was injured and the Thunder would certainly hold a big lead throughout the game. After building a lead of 20+ points the Thunder pulled their starters and the Pelicans came back. The Thunder were never in danger of losing the game. The Pelicans run at the end only made the game look competitive. It never was and this one will not be either. Instead of dealing with an injured Anthony Davis, the Pelicans now have to deal with the issue of an injured locker room. The Thunder will take this one in a rout and go into the All-Star break with an easy win.


The Pick:

Thunder -5

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