Vince Carter and T-Mac Face Off in an Unseen Dunk Contest

Here’s a good way to waste a few minutes of work on a Monday. This happened during the pre-season of Vince Carter’s rookie year. Vince Carter is still in the league 20 years later and he can still throw down a windmill dunk. My favorite part of the video occurs at 0:52 when Kevin Willis bullies T-Mac into dunking. The camera pans to Willis’ face then back to T-Mac and while looking petrified he answers with “huh?”. You can tell he doesn’t want to dunk but he’s also afraid of the ass-whopping Willis will give him if he doesn’t go out there and dunk for the fans. Keep in mind that at this time Willis is a 38 year old man in his 13th NBA season, while McGrady is playing in his second season at 19 years old. Here is a better visual of what Willis looked like albeit later in his career:


Kevin Willis has also told this story about how he would haze rookies and made Royal Ivey buy him cigarettes at 2 in the morning just to throw them away. He reminds me of a more athletic Deebo from Friday.


“If you don’t go in this dunk contest, I’m gon’ knock your ass out”

– Kevin Willis (probably)


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