Betting Lines for Tom Brady’s Next Instagram Song

If you have been following Tom Brady’s recent Instagram posts you would have noticed his recent usage of 2000s rap songs. The first one was last week when he posted himself on the treadmill with 50 Cent’s “Many Men(Wish Death)” being played in the background.That was followed up with Monday morning’s post of him and Gronk smirking while P. Diddy’s “Bad Boy For Life” played in the background. Now that the Patriots have advanced to the Super Bowl betting lines have been released pertaining to what song he will use next.

Both posts have come on a Monday. Next week the Patriots will be arriving in Atlanta which brings me to the first song.

Welcome To Atlanta +1000

This classic song also falls into the same time period as the other two and sets the tone for anyone arriving in Atlanta. Although since he is a living legend in his own right, Tom Brady may be looking to pay homage to one of the godfathers in hip hop right now, former Atlanta resident and the hottest rapper in the game Soulja Boy aka Young Drako. We saw Kyle Van Noy open up the AFC Championship game with Soulja Boy’s infamous ‘Superman’ dance to celebrate his first sack.

Which bring me to the next song on the list

We Made It +850

Very simple and gets the point across. The horns give the song a championship feel. The only thing is the song isn’t quite as old school as the other songs Brady has featured. Which brings us to our next song which is both old school and from Atlanta.

What U Gon Do +750

This song is all about fighting. The only thing is it comes from the point of view of an aggressor and not an underdog. The Patriots have been counted out many times this year. From their early losses to the Jaguars and Lions to their late season losses to the Dolphins and Steelers. It is as if people forgot about the Patriots greatness.

Forgot About Dre +625

You can see the obvious comparisons to Dr. Dre and Tom Brady. Both are considered the greatest of all time in their field. In the mid to late 90s critics said Dr. Dre had fallen off and he was washed up. Just like people were saying about Brady this year. Dr. Dre would come back with the Chronic 2001 album and Brady has led his team back to the Super Bowl.

Still D.R.E. +500

Another song off the Chronic 2001 album that plays up to Dr. Dre’s comeback. This one also shares a similar name to Tom Brady’s playoff mantra #StillHere. The only thing keeping me from picking either of these Dr. Dre songs is that Dr. Dre is from California. The first two songs were by 50 cent and P. Diddy who are both from New York.

Gimme Some More +400

This song fits right in with Tom Brady’s agenda. Tom Brady has been quoted saying his favorite Super Bowl ring is the next one. That could also be interpreted as “Gimme Some More”.

Ruff Ryders Anthem +250

Choosing this song is the closest thing to declaring an all out war against your opponent. This song came from DMX’s debut album ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ and still one of the grittiest rap songs ever composed. This has the same fighting style ‘What U Gon Do’ has but with an old school New York attitude. This beat encapsulates DMXs aggressive style and early struggle. What seems long gone now are Tom Brady’s early struggles. This includes being drafted in the 6th round and entering his rookie season the 4th QB on the depth chart. This song ultimately personifies Tom Brady’s struggle and underdog status.

Thats it for songs before the Super Bowl. I will have another blog with songs to choose after winning the Super Bowl.


tweet at me or leave a comment what songs I missed

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