Video Emerges of a 2 Year Old Falling Out of a Car in Minnesota


You really have to feel bad for the kid here. Not because they fell out of a car, but because it was on the news for the whole world to see. You can’t expect every parent in this world to have been perfect but how many of you can say definitively that you were dropped on your head or worse as a toddler? Unless is was caught on film it didn’t happen. It’s not like you’re going to remember at that age and your parents have probably forgot too. Unless you grew up to be a complete and abject failure making it stay in the back of their minds as they wonder if it is the reason why you have not moved out yet at 33.


What’s up with the person just driving away too? The mother coming back on foot raises so many questions. Was this an attempt to ditch the baby and then when she got home she noticed she was going viral and decided to come back to get her baby and act like it was an accident? I mean how do you just drive with your car door wide open like that? You would figure the left door would be harder to open going around a right turn also. Not to mention you would think the backseat has a child lock. The person driving absolutely knew what they were doing. Their door was wide open so they hit the brakes and then sped up to try to get the momentum of the car to close it. Then they just drove away with the door still open. How do you drive off into the distance with your door wide open and not notice it? I wouldn’t consider myself to be the best driver, even though I live in my car but even I would notice if my door was open. Plus I have things in my car that are valuable to me that I wouldn’t want falling out. Never mind having a baby.


As this child grows up it will be their choice of what they want to believe. Either their mom was dumb enough to not strap you in the carseat correctly and leave the child lock off and then not have the awareness to even realize that your door was open and you were not in the car and driving away. Or she just didn’t want you and tried to ditch you on the side of the road.

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