NBA Betting on Raptors @ Celtics

The Raptors come into Boston riding a 5 game winning streak to play a struggling Celtics team that has lost 3 in a row. Still the Celtics are 3 point favorites for tonights game. They have Marcus smart and Kyrie Irving returning. This will be Kyrie’s first game back since calling out the team after a loss to the Magic. After Kyrie’s comments the Celtics went on to lose to the Nets falling behind by a large margin before coming back to lose by only 7. Despite all of the turmoil I agree with the decision to have the Celtics favored in this game. It is a do or die game for them where they need to be successful. If they lose or do not win convincingly things will not look good for them going forward. They have had their fair share of struggles but I think they will put it together tonight. The Celtics have been extremely inconsistent but if they can get everything together at the right time they can still be very dangerous. People forget the 2001 Lakers had issues all season long until they ended the year on an 8 game winning streak. Then they rode that to sweeping the first 3 rounds of the playoffs and only lost game 1 of the finals. The Celtics have the kind of talent that would be able to go on a similar run. The only question is whether or not they will put everything together at the right time. I think they will at least for tonight.


The Pick:

Celtics -3

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