NBA Betting Warriors @ Nuggets

The most anticipated game of the night has the two best teams in the western conference facing off against each other. They have met only one other time this season was each team’s third game that resulted in a 100-98 Nuggets win. The key to winning that game for the Nuggets was holding the Warriors to 7-29 on 3 pointers. The majority coming from Steph Curry (6-16), Klay Thompson (1-6) and Kevin Durant (0-4). The Nuggets were also able to control the glass, getting 13 offensive rebounds and forced the Warriors into 19 turnovers. These all played factors into the Nuggets win because even though the Warriors struggled they still had better shooting numbers than the Nuggets. The game was very close and ultimately came down to a blocked layup at the buzzer to preserve the win. I do not see this game being as close.


In the prior game these two teams played, the Nuggets were able to take the Warriors by surprise. It was too early in the season to have any expectations for the Nuggets. The Warriors on the other hand are coming off winning their third championship in four years and are expected to do the same this year. They have been taking every teams best shot night in and night out throughout that time. Jamal Murray was quoted before the game saying “As teams give us their best shot because we’re No. 1 in the West right now, everybody gives the Warriors their best shot … ¬†We just know we have the home court, and we beat them last time here.” Sorry to burst Jamal Murray’s bubble but it is a bit presumptuous to put yourself on the same level as the Warriors. Assuming what he is saying is true, the Nuggets have been the best team in the west only this year. So teams giving them their best shot has probably happened for the past two and a half months. It is not even comparable to what the Warriors have done over the past four years. Another thing the Warriors have not really done in the last four years is lose to the Suns, which the Nuggets did two games ago.


The Nuggets have a seldom talked about advantage playing in the high altitude of Denver. The Nuggets play considerably better at home where they have an 18-3 record. The Warriors are definitely aware of that and also aware that this may be a playoff matchup. Home court advantage throughout the playoffs would be a huge advantage for the Nuggets and the Warriors are going to make sure that doesn’t happen. Tied at 29 wins a piece, the last 3 games between these two teams will be pivotal down the stretch. The final two of them will be played in Oakland where the Warriors have held a considerable home court advantage throughout the years. The Warriors will be on a mission to show tonight that not only are they the best team in the west but they are not afraid of playing in Denver either. The Warriors can turn it on like no other team and I think this is one of those games. Steph Curry has scored at least 40 points and made 10 threes in his last two road games. I think he looks to make it 3 in a row tonight and the Warriors roll to a big win.


The Pick:

Warriors -1

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