Big News For The Rap Community

Remember the trans gendered woman who went viral a few weeks back for trashing a game stop? Here is the video to jog your memory;


In a shocking turn of events the person who was the subject of this viral video has been trying to extend their time in the spotlight. Tiffany Moore of Albuquerque, New Mexico decided to go to the local news to explain her side of the story. What resulted is unintentional comedy at it’s finest. Here is a link to the full news clip for reference (sorry the video will not embed)


It starts out slow but it gets really good around a minute and a half in. After going over the memes that were made about her she is then introduced as a local MC and Rapper and then highlights the song she wrote after this occasion and she has BARS. Look at these lyrics:


We’re humans just like you,

We’re people just like you,

We have kids we have parents

We have brothers sisters aunts uncles cousins

We’re just trying to live

With lyrics like these it is no question that we will be hearing more from Tiffany Moore or T-Mo as they call her in Albuquerque. I thought she would have said “we have kids we have parents, we have brothers sisters too” to make it rhyme and keep it in rhythm but what do I know. I guess that is why I am a homeless blogger and not a rapper. T-Mo is here and she is here to put the whole rap game on notice.

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