Join Me As I Follow The Colts To Freedom

It is no secret that I am very high on the Colts. I picked them to be in the Super Bowl before week 16 when they were not even in the playoffs and that prediction has some legs now going into the divisional round. I know I’m not the only person with this prediction. The Colts offensive and defensive lines have been so dominant that they are surprising fewer people every week. They suffered a minor setback today with Mike Mitchell being placed on injured reserve. Despite having a somewhat resurgent season, I don’t think this will be too much of a loss for them. The Colts were able to easily put up 21 points against the number 7 overall defense last week. They rushed for 200 yards and 5.7 yards per carry against the number 1 rushing defense last week. This week they face the Chiefs defense, ranked last in rushing defense. This will be the biggest key to the game. Marlon Mack may end up with over 300 yards rushing on Saturday. This style of offense will keep the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands and force the Chiefs to be one dimensional.


Clearly I think very highly of the Colts. Despite having good sports opinions, I am not the best money manager. In a perfect world I would just follow the picks I write on here and bet the same amount on each one. I would end up making a decent profit but nothing very life altering. So what I sometimes tend to do is “let it ride” meaning that once I win a bet I put my entire winnings towards my next bet. So last weekend I started with $200. I took the Colts, then the Cowboys moneyline, then the Chargers. So the $200 turned into about $400 with the Colts win, the $400 turned into about $600 with the Cowboys win and the $600 turned into about $1200 with the Chargers win. Once I got there I made a couple more futures bets, made some bets that I lost and then I had $850 left over. I am officially letting it ride on the Colts.


How much does your freedom cost? My number may be far less than yours. Actually I am almost sure it is less than yours. Different people have different liabilities and expectations out of life. I have definitely fallen on some hard times the past couple years. Not that my situation is terrible, I am sure there are plenty of people who have it worse than me. My version of “falling on hard times” has to do with getting a job and not being able to bet illegally and tax free for a living. With the Colts I am seeing a team that will double my net worth each week, for at least two more weeks. I think whoever they end up facing in the Super Bowl will present a much larger challenge than their AFC competitors. From there I plan on taking time to go full time into the NBA. I absolutely love the NBA and the one thing that has been holding me back from following it as closely as I would like is time and money. Once the Colts get to the Super Bowl I will have the money necessary to quit my job which will then provide me with the time to study the NBA enough to make profitable decisions. The way I bet the NBA is an absolute grind. I mentioned it before but I like to bet every quarter and both halves. To be successful betting the NBA it takes a locked in laser like focus because so much happens every night. With the NFL I’m able to have more time to watch film and dig into numbers because the games are only played once a week. I would love to do the same with the NBA and once the Colts get to the Super Bowl I will be able to.


TL/DR: I am letting my entire bankroll ride on the Colts these next two weeks so I can make enough money to quit my job.

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