Betting On Packers Jets

This game is very interesting, in a disgusting way. No chance I would want to watch this game but it still is very intriguing. The Packers have been a disappointment this year. After being one of the favorites to win the division they have already been knocked out of playoff contention. They fired their coach Mike McCarthy and are looking forward to next season. The Jets have had an up and down season but have played well for the most part. In their non-divsional matchups 5 of the 6 teams the Jets have lost to are ranked in the top 10 of defensive efficiency with the other team being the Titans at 13. They also have wins against good defenses with the Broncos (4th) and Colts (11th). Last week against the Texans (7th) they were very close to pulling out a win. Morris Claiborne was called for holding on a late 3rd down that kept the Texans drive alive on a play where the ball was thrown way over the receivers head. The Packers defense is ranked 24th which is by far the worst non-division opponent  they have played since the Lions in week 1. The Jets offense has been the 3rd worst in efficiency metrics but they have played by far the toughest schedule of opposing defenses. Out of the Packers 5 wins, 3 of them have com against teams ranked in the bottom 10 of defensive efficiency. The other two wins were the Bears in week 1 and the Bills in week 4. They have not fared well against teams ranked in the top half of defensive efficiency which the Jets are right at the border of, ranked 16th. The Packers have also not won a road game all season going 0-7 so far. I see the Packers struggling here against a motivated Jets team. This game feels like it means a lot more to the Jets. They only have one fewer win than the Packers but the Packers were supposed to be competing for a Super Bowl. Now they are just finishing out what they view as a wasted season while the Jets continue to build something for next year. This is also the last home game for the Jets and I think they go out in style. I see the Jets winning this game. Plus this will is ultimate torture for Jets fans that they endure seemingly every year. Winning a late game that doesn’t matter and worsening their draft position.


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