NFL Super Bowl Future Bets

Now that the season has been mostly played out it is a good time to take futures bets on the Super Bowl and conference championship. The favorites for the Super Bowl are the;

  • Saints +260
  • Rams +425
  • Chiefs +550
  • Patriots +750
  • Chargers +750
  • Bears +800

I think all of those teams except the Chiefs have a shot at the Super Bowl. I don’t trust Andy Reid this late in the season. Also their running game has been struggling sine their loss of Kareem Hunt. They are still a good team but they are not a playoff team. Being able to run the ball and play defense is a lot more important in the playoffs and the Chiefs can’t do either one well. There are 3 other teams outside that list that have a good shot at the Super Bowl. They are the;

  • Houston Texans +1800
  • Indianapolis Colts +3500
  • Tennessee Titans +6000

Unfortunately only two of these teams will make it in but they are all playing really well right now and could beat anybody. The Colts especially intrigue me as they have won 7 of their last 8 games and have virtually no holes to speak of. Their offensive line play has been outstanding and that importance is magnified in the playoffs. The Titans are also intriguing as their defense has been suffocating and their running game behind Derrick Henry has been dominant. They are rounding out nicely and playing their best football at the right time. The Texans are the favorites of these 3 since they are leading the division. They have won 10 of their last 11 including a 9 game win streak but their last 2 games have ben a struggle. One of those was a loss to the Colts and the other was a come from behind victory against the lowly Jets. The Texans defense is ranked 7th overall in efficiency but their passing defense is ranked 22nd. Also out of the Texans 10 wins this year, only 1 has come against a team not in the playoffs. Still, having a dominant defensive line like the Texans have can take you a long way.

I’m putting equal amounts on these 7 teams to win the Super Bowl and their respective conference. They are the only teams I feel have a legitimate shot at this point and now is the best time to take advantage of pricing. Out of these teams I am most confident in the Colts winning the AFC. They have been playing so well this year and it is taking teams completely by surprise. I see the AFC coming down to the Patriots and Colts. The talent the Colts have may prove to be too much to handle for the Patriots. We saw the same thing happen in the Super Bowl where they were simply beaten by a team with more talent. Beating the Patriots is not easy, as they will always be well prepared, but this Colts team really looks like they could do it.


The Picks:

Saints +260 WIN SUPER BOWL

Saints +130 WIN NFC


Rams +200 WIN NFC


Bears +450 WIN NFC

Patriots +700 WIN SUPER BOWL

Patriots +325 WIN AFC

Chargers +750 WIN SUPER BOWL

Chargers +310 WIN AFC

Texans +1800 WIN SUPER BOWL

Texans +750 WIN AFC

Colts +3500 WIN SUPER BOWL

Colts +1700 WIN AFC

Titans +6000 WIN SUPER BOWL

Titans +3000 WIN AFC

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