Michael Jordan: Hands On Owner

If you missed last night’s Hornets game the Hornets were down 12 in the fourth quarter before going on a run to take the lead and win the game with a shot at in the final seconds. What happened after the shot was the most exciting part of the game though. Jeremy Lamb hit a shot to take the lead with .3 seconds remaining. The only problem was Malik Monk thought the game was already over and ran on the court to celebrate. He was called for a technical and then we were graced with the clip of the night:



What we just saw is a glimpse of what made Michael Jordan the greatest competitor the sport has ever seen. Jordan is pissed here. He may be smiling at the end but make no mistake about it he wants nothing more than to punch Malik Monk for this stupid mistake like he did to Steve Kerr. What do you even do if you’re Malik Monk here? You have the greatest basketball player of all time and you team’s owner hitting you over the head like he’s John Travolta’s dad in Saturday Night Fever. There is nobody else in sports or any industry that could get away with doing this to their employees. (That being said  Pat Riley comes off as someone who still disciplines his players this way in private) Michael Jordan could probably walk into any workplace and do this to people and have not only have them take it but have them love it. Even one of the top replies to that tweet says “if mj smacked me on the head … i’d never wash my hair again”. During their time playing together Horace Grant recalled how everyone in the league wanted to be buddy buddy with Jordan at the time because he was larger than life. Twenty years after his second retirement and that still remains obviously true. Nobody wants to be on Jordan’s bad side. Even when he is hitting you upside the head like he’s your dad.



If Lebron owned a team, would LeBron’s players ever put up with this from him? Definitely not. That is why MJ is the GOAT. Debate over.

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