Betting on Vikings @ Patriots

Patriots -6 O/U 49.5


I have said all year that the NFL needs to schedule more games in the 4pm time slot. We have 4 this week including this one in Gillette Stadium and I expect this to be a fun night for the fans in Foxboro. Tom Brady was quoted in 2011 saying he likes these later home games because the fans can start “drinking early” and get rowdy for the game. This is going to be the kind of game that put the Patriots back at the forefront of Super Bowl conversations. The Bill Belichick led Patriots play their best football as the season goes on and December is always their best month. This is going to be a blowout against an overrated Vikings team.


I have mentioned all year how Kirk Cousins has committed the most turnovers in the NFL since becoming a starting QB. He has never won on the road against a team with a winning record this late in the season either. As a team the Vikings only have wins against teams with losing records this year. Their offense is ranked 17th in effeciency compared to 5th last year. Their passing offense has actually gotten worse after signing Cousins to a huge contract. Despite playing in a cold weather state of Minnesota, the Vikings don’t play in the cold since their stadium is in a dome.


This is the kind of game the Patriots thrive in. The lights are on giving it a prime time feel as the sunset looms over Foxboro for a 4:25 kickoff. The low temperature gives visibility to every breath each player takes. Their bodies give off steam that appears to be released from a locomotive when they take their helmets off. Fans have been in the parking lot preparing for over 8 hours figuring out where to hide their flasks before being pat down by security. My spot is always in the hood of my jacket. They never check the hood. Not too long after Tom Brady enters the field for warmups to Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” the team now prepares to take the field. The echoes of Ozzy Osbourne’s “All Aboard!” ring throughout the arena as the fans get to their feet to welcome the most successful NFL team of the millennium and the greatest QB and coach that has ever lived. The fans love for the team and extra time to prepare for the game has turned the stands of Gillette Stadium into a mob scene. Now the Vikings have the daunting task of coming into this environment with the task of defeating the greatest QB and coach ever. The moment is simply too big for them. With all of the outside distractions they are unable to keep focused. Whenever the Vikings make a mistake, the Patriots will be there to take advantage.


The Pick:

Patriots -6

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