Betting On Titans @ Colts

I understand why the Colts are favored in this game but it doesn’t mean they should be. The Titans are coming off a huge win against the Patriots and the two former teams to beat the Patriots lost in their next game. The Colts are also ranked slightly higher in overall efficiency (15th and 16th) and they are playing at home. All of these combined factors has the Colts favored in this game. None of it matters though, as the Colts will lose this one.


The Colts enter this game on a 3 game win streak and coming off a 29-26 win over division rival Jacksonville. The Colts have looked better this year than they have in the past. They have made major improvements to their offensive line and finally have Andrew Luck back healthy. They have been playing their best football recently, but they have also played  their easiest competition. Their last 3 games came agains the Bills, Raiders and Jaguars. The only other win the Colts have is over Washington, and that is the only win they have against a team that is not currently in last place in their division. The Colts defense has not been all that great. Other than the games against Buffalo and Washington they have given up a minimum of 20 points each game. The Titans offense is extremely underrated right now. They have faced the 2nd toughest schedule of opposing defenses so the Colts 22nd ranked defense should be a walk in the park for them.


I mentioned in my preview blog how Marcus Mariota being healthy is the biggest difference for this Titans team. Their offense had its struggles through the first 7 games of the season. They tried to start Blaine Gabbert before switching back to an unhealthy Mariota who couldn’t get a good grip on the ball. Since coming off their bye week, Marcus Mariota is healthy and the Titans look great. They scored 28 points against the Cowboys 19th ranked defense and then 34 last week against the Patriots 16th ranked defense. This week they take on the 22nd ranked Colts defense and should score a lot of points this week too. The struggles the Titans offense had to start the season will keep their efficiency metrics low which will go against them going forward. We may be able to take more advantage of the Titans being undervalued as the season progresses. This is going to be an easy one though. The Titans will get a lead early and nurse it to the finish line for a nice easy win.


The Pick:

Titans +1.5

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