Betting the Chargers Seahawks Game

The Chargers coming off their bye week travel to Seattle for a game against the Seahawks. This game is currently at a pick em with the total at 48. I think the Chargers are a much better team than the Seahawks and I see them winning this game.


Looking at the Seahawks numbers they have appeared to return to their championship form with their defense ranked 2nd in efficiency. However looking at their schedule tells a different story. For starters the teams four teams they have wins against have 9 wins combined. Their last two wins have come on the road against the struggling Lions and Raiders who seemed to have given up. Their last game before that was a home game against the Rams where the Seahawks lost 33-31. When the Seahawks have played a team with a good offense they have lost. Each of their losses come to a team ranked 11th or better in offensive efficiency. The Chargers are ranked 3rd. I expect the Seahawks defense to struggle here against a very efficient offense. On the other side of the ball the Seahawks 18th ranked offense face off against the Chargers 18th ranked defense. This game reminds me a bit of the Saints at Ravens matchup from two weeks back. Just like that game I think the road team gets the win here as well.


The Chargers have had a pretty favorable schedule too. Their schedule has actually been a little bit easier than the Seahawks which is part of the reason bookmakers and the public believe in the Seahawks. The Seahawks are also coming off a big road win and the Chargers are coming off barely winning a game against the Titans in London. Despite their recent success I still do not believe in the Seahawks. Even at home. They have had issues with their offensive line and I think that continues here. The Chargers are a better and more talented team and all of their games are basically road games. I think it has become tradition for NFL fans to plan California vacations when their team is in town to play the Chargers. Not to mention all of the transplants that live in LA that root for their home team. So a hostile environment is nothing new to the Chargers. They have to deal with that on a weekly basis. I don’t envision the Chargers offense having any issues with crowd noise or moving the ball.


The Pick:

Chargers PK

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