NFC South First Half Recap

Preseason picks come from my NFC South Pre-Season Betting Preview:

Panthers over 9 wins +155

Panthers make playoffs YES +155

Panthers WIn NFC South +275

Saints Win NFC South +155 (hedge)

Nobody other than me believed in the Panthers in the pre-season. After their most recent win against the Ravens though, people have been getting on the Panthers bandwagon. They have been a very efficient team so far ranked 4th overall. They are halfway to over 9 wins and in the drivers seat to make the playoffs. They are one game away from the first place Saints in the NFC South and have two games remaining against them. They are clear favorites for this division as I stated in pre-season and so my bets on them to win the division completely safe.


Falcons under 9 wins +130

Falcons make playoffs NO +115

The Falcons have been terrible this year. Their three game losing streak to the Saints Bengals and Steelers showed that they are not going to be a great team again this year. They have way too many defensive problems to have any serious chance at making the playoffs in a stacked NFC. It is going to be very tough for them to get to 9 wins as well.


I had this division handicapped perfectly.

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