NFC East First Half Recap

Preseason picks come from my NFC East preview blog

Giants over 7 wins -150

Giants win NFC East +500

Giants make the playoffs YES +300

These are my worst pick of the pre-season. The Giants have not lived up to what I thought they would be. Their offensive line still has a lot of issues and Eli Manning is starting to look like he needs the same HGH treatment his brother took (allegedly) at this point in his career. These three are definitely a loss but lets move on to some of my better picks.


Eagles under 10 wins -105

Eagles make the playoffs NO +275


The Eagles are 4-4 and have struggled getting there. On top of that Washington has looked decent so far this year and their defense should be getting better with the addition of Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. These two teams will face off twice in December in what surely will go a long way towards deciding the fate of both of these bets. The Eagles are currently ranked 9th in the Wildcard race. I think their only shot at making the playoffs is winning the division. The Eagles will welcome Golden Tate to a struggling offense but he will not be the answer. Their offense was predicated on their running game. I have said since pre-season they would miss LaGarrette Blount and they are. Not only that but they lost Jay Ajayi as well. It will be tough for the Eagles to get to over 10 wins with road games against the Saints and Rams coming up. Washington has a much more favorable schedule than the Eagles down the stretch which makes their head to head games that much more important. Coming off winning the Super Bowl, the Eagles were overpriced to start the season. I spotted that and took advantage. These two bets have looked good so far and will hopefully cancel out the bets I made on the Giants.

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