The Giants And Falcons Are So Bad

I stayed away form this game other than the Falcons as a teaser leg and glad I did. Going into halftime its 10-3 Falcons but both teams look pretty incompetent. It’s not surprising to see the Giants this way. They looked the same last week, The Falcons on the other hand, what is going on? The NFL is always so interesting because you truly never know what to expect. The total was set in the 50s with both of these defenses struggling all year. I’m not totally surprised since I thought they would be a team that struggles this year but as the season goes your perception changes a bit. Not that they have not struggled so far, but their offense has done very well at home. Both teams offensive lines are struggling with 7 combined sacks and only 41 rushing yards in the first half. These teams both had such high expectations. Going into the season it seemed like the sky was the limit. Now it seems as if the ceiling is the roof. I think we can officially say these teams best days have passed them by for now. They may be good again in the future but they are done this year. Hopefully the NFL learns their lesson and takes them of any of their future prime time games. How are we stuck with so many prime time Giants games every year? I know New York is a big market but there is no team that puts people to sleep more than them. You know what else is wild? Odell Beckham and Julio Jones are maybe the 2 best receivers in the game and they have 1 TD this season combined (Odell has it). These teams are ugly. Get them off my tv.


One other random thought. As sports betting becomes more prevalent as it is legalized throughout the US, will the NFL schedule games or flex games to have higher scoring teams in the late spot? The public loves betting the over in the NFL prime time games so you would have to think they would want to have even more viewing interest. It will be very interesting to see how the NFL arranges the schedule going forward.

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