Week 7 Recap

Not the best week going 1-3 overall. Lets take a look back at the picks.


Chargers -7 LOSS

The Chargers were definitely the better team here and deserved to win. They almost looked like the same old Chargers that should be beating a team by more but lets them hang around and then loses in the end. They pulled out a win going into the bye and will play in Seattle the week after. The Titans were definitely playing a lot better on offense than we have seen. They were able to get their running game going and were 9-15 converting 3rd downs. The Titans had close to 11 minutes longer time of possession and ran 23 more plays than the Chargers. There was only one turnover in this game and it was crucial. Marcus Mariota threw an interception on first and goal ending a 16 play drive that had taken over 9 minutes off the clock. This was huge for the Chargers to keep points off the board before the half after such a long drive. Despite not having the ball very much and only going 4-9 on 3rd down conversions the Chargers offense was still explosive enough enough points on the board for the win. The Chargers should be getting Joey Bosa back after their bye week.  This will set themselves up nicely for a playoff run.


Panthers +5 WIN

The Eagles had a 17-0 lead going into the fourth quarter but they were still having issues moving the ball today. The Eagles were on the field dancing during the 3rd quarter as if the game was over. There is no team that believes their own hype more than the Eagles. The Panthers scored a touchdown on their next drive then forced two quick punts on the Eagles next two possessions. They converted those drives into touchdowns as well to take the lead late 21-17. On the box score the Panthers led in pretty much every category except first downs and time of possession. Still the only game the Eagles have looked good in was against the Giants. The Eagles face the Jaguars who are struggling as well, in London next week.


Lions Dolphins 1H Under 23.5 LOSS

This one appeared to be going well, until it wasn’t. The Lions had a 10-0 lead over the Dolphins with just over 12 minutes in the second quarter. Up to that point the Dolphins had punted 3 times and only gained 2 first downs. Next they went on an 11 play 77 yard drive for a touchdown. Then the Lions got the ball with just over 7 minutes left in the half and go on a 12 play 75 yard drive for a touchdown that took six and a half minutes. I’m 0-2 on the easy under picks. Not great.


Ravens -3 LOSS

This was a very close game between two very good teams. To be honest I looked away during Tucker’s extra point. I could not believe he missed. I still can’t.


Overall 1-3



Chargers -1 PUSH

Jaguars +1 LOSS

Panthers +11 WIN

Falcons +1 PENDING


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