Bet It And Forget It

This is my best bet of the week


The Titans and Chargers travel to London to play a stand alone game that starts at 9:30am on the east coast. This is tough for the dozens of Chargers fans who will have to be awake by 6:30am to watch their team. Both of these teams are coming off other sides of a blowout. The Chargers got a big win over the Browns in Cleveland and the Titans suffered a 21-0 home loss to the Ravens. I always say no team is ever as good or as bad as they were the week before but I think we will see more of the same here.


The Chargers come into the game with a 4-2 record (3-3 against the spread) and their offense is ranked 3rd in efficiency. The only teams ranked above them in offensive efficiency are also the two teams they have lost to, the Rams and the Chiefs. The Chargers even out-gained the Chiefs but were done in by two turnovers. Their defense is starting to come around since the return of one of the NFLs most underrated players, Corey Liuget. In the two games since his return the Chargers defense have 8 sacks. They had 8 sacks in the previous 4 games combined. They will be looking to feast on a Titans offensive line that just allowed 11 sacks last week. I don’t think the Titans defense will fare much better. They are currently ranked 15th in overall efficiency and projected to finish 19th. This is after facing the easiest schedule of opposing offenses. That will change this week when they take on the Chargers aforementioned 3rd ranked offense. The Titans defense has been susceptible to letting up big plays and the Chargers will be looking to take advantage of that. They have made explosive plays all year including last week’s 2 play 89 yard TD drive, that was just two deep passes to Tyrell Williams. The Titans will not be able to keep up with the Chargers scoring and I don’t think they can stop it either.


Another thing that works in the Chargers favor is the amount of time they are spending together. They stayed in Cleveland after their game to practice and travel to London from there. Chargers coach Anthony Lynn has mentioned how he sees players going out together and spending time together. Reading their press clippings, they all seem to be very happy about the opportunity to spend time with one another and go to London. Camaraderie is always a big part of pro sports and I think the Chargers have it here for sure. They come into this game with a 3 game win streak and have stayed together for a week and all seem to be on the same page. Another thing I have heard is the team will be doing some site-seeing together while they are in London. The Titans who are coming off a two game losing streak do not have the same benefit of being able to ease up coming into a game. They need to take every detail seriously and will not be doing any site seeing and will be having a walk-through instead. I know most hard-ass fan would say something ignorant like, “Good! They should be thinking about the game at all times and not have any distractions! They are in London to win!”. On the other hand I see a Chargers team who has played well thus far and has earned a bit of down time. The time spent together off the field will add to their camaraderie. Since they stayed in Cleveland, the Chargers have had the benefit of having none of their regular life distractions for the past week. Not to mention there is not much to do in Cleveland so they should be very well prepared for this game.


One last thing, the Chargers are wearing their powder blues. I may be wrong but I think the Chargers are undefeated straight up and against the spread lifetime in these uniforms. I think they win big here. That is why this is my ‘Bet it and forget it’ game of the week. Especially if you live on the west coast and most likely will be asleep until the 4th quarter. Take the Chargers and wake up to a win to start your sunday.


The Pick:

Los Angeles Chargers -7





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