Week 7 Teaser Legs

LA Chargers -1 (-7)

The Chargers are playing well heading into London against a Titans team that is really struggling right now. The Titans defensive stats were inflated from playing the easiest schedule of opponent offenses and they dropped from 12th to 15th in overall defensive efficiency after last week. This week they have an even tougher test against the Chargers offense ranked 3rd in overall efficiency. The Chargers defense is also starting to hit its stride since the return of Corey Liuget. After beating the defending champion Eagles at home, the Titans struggled quite a bit in their last two games. The first of which was a loss to the Bills who are currently ranked as the worst team in offensive and overall efficiency. Then last week the Titans were shut out at home by the Ravens and gave up 11 sacks in the process. Both teams are leaving at the same time for the game so there will be no advantages in travel for either team. This is really just a bad spot for the Titans and I see the Chargers winning here going into their bye week.


Jacksonville Jaguars +1 (-5)

The Jaguars are coming off a really bad loss to a Cowboys team that is not very talented. The Jaguars lost 40-7 and have been outscored 70-21 in their last two games. Although they’ve given up a lot of points these last two games their defense is still ranked 5th in overall efficiency. The defense has had to deal with short fields after turnovers and being out on the field more than usual because their offense has struggled moving the ball. They have turned the ball over 7 times in the last two games and in their last game only had 10 first downs and time of possession was only 21:10. The team will get a boost returning home where they have played much better thus far. The Jaguars should be able to take advantage of Houston’s pass defense only ranked 22nd in overall efficiency this year. They have also played the 2nd easiest schedule of opposing offenses thus far. The Jaguars offense is not the best by any means but they have shown the ability to move the ball well at home. This includes 503 yards of offense against a Jets defense that is ranked slightly higher than the Texans defense. Ironically the Texans offense which is ranked 27th in overall efficiency is exactly one spot higher than the Jets. The Texans are coming in on a 3 game win streak but I am not impressed by any of their wins or any of the teams they have beaten. They beat the Colts in a game that could have been a tie and benefited from 2 touchdowns off turnovers. They beat the Cowboys in another game that could have been a tie. Then they beat the Bills who are not good and currently ranked last in overall efficiency. I am just realizing now that two coaches in back to back weeks handed the Texans the game in overtime. Albeit one of them was being aggressive and the other was not the result was the same for the Texans. I don’t think that will be the case this week. Members of the Jaguars defense have come out in the media and mentioned that they need to step up and play better. The Jaguars know exactly what is at stake as the winner of this game will most likely be in sole possession of first place in the AFC South once the week is over. They will get back on track this week with a win at home.


Carolina Panthers +11 (+5)

This line seems very inflated after one good Eagles performance in prime time. This game epitomizes the phrase ‘no team is as good or as bad as they looked the week before’. We have the Eagles winning a game in a blowout like they did for much of last year. Then we have the Panthers coming off a road loss to a Washington team that has been mediocre this year for the most part. I see this game being a low scoring defensive matchup. Both of these teams will be trying to establish the run and whoever can win the battle in the trenches will win this game. With that being said I don’t see this game being a blowout like the Eagles had last week against the Giants. I think that had more to do with the Giants ineptitude than it had to do with the Eagles effort. I think the Panthers definitely can keep this game close and should have a chance to win outright. I think 11 points is way too many to give an Eagles team that has struggled offensively for most of this year.


Atlanta Falcons PK (-6)

The Falcons offense has been great at home so far this year. They have scored 31, 37, 36 and 34 points in their four home games and have gone 2-2 straight up and against the spread in those games. Their defense has certainly had its struggles but to be fair they have faced the toughest schedule of opposing offenses. Their two home losses came against the Saints 4th ranked offense and Bengals 8th ranked offense. They get somewhat of a break this week with the Giants offense ranked 17th in overall efficiency. To be honest I thought the Giants were ranked much worse. They have certainly looked much worse. They had over 150 yards from Saquon Barkley in 3 plays in their last game so that may be skewing the numbers a bit. Either way there is no way I see the Giants winning this game. Their offensive line catches a lot of shit for their struggles and deservedly so but their defensive line has been just as bad. The Giants are not really doing much of anything well right now and I see this game being a loss for them.

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