Week 6 Picks Recap

This week was a pretty tough slate of games and I feel fortunate to have ended 3-2. I will be staying off tonight’s game and instead will begin looking forward to next week’s picks.


Giants +2 LOSS

This game was an absolute disaster. The Giants came out and had a vintage Giants performance. Vintage Giants, meaning Eli not being able to complete passes or get the ball downfield and the offensive line not blocking anybody. The Giants fell behind quickly and could never catch up. This was the first vintage Eagles performance of the year. Vintage Eagles, meaning the same team that went 13-3 last year and won the Super Bowl. They ran the ball well, converted 3rd downs and got out to an early lead. This allowed the Eagles to keep constant pressure on Eli getting 6 sacks and 13 QB hits. The final stats are a little bit misleading. When looking at the numbers, the Eagles were out-gained by the Giants in total yards and rushing yards but 96 of their 147 rushing yards came on 2 plays and they had a 55 yard pass play as well. That makes a total of 151 of their 401 yards (37.65%) on 3 plays.The numbers that tell the real story are the Eagles 23 first downs to the Giants 17 and their 9-16 3rd down conversions compared to the Giants 4-14.


Colts Jets 1H Under 23.5 LOSS

I mentioned in the blog where I made this pick that the main thing that worried me was turnovers for touchdowns. Then that happened on the first play. The first half saw a combined total of 5 turnovers and 3 punts. The short field benefited both teams and they combined for 23 first half points on drives that came after turnovers. This makes 63.89% of the 36 first half points. A few more punts instead of turnovers and maybe that one has a chance.


Seahawks -3 WIN

This was an easy one. The Raiders just seemed doomed to lose this one when Gruden began talking about how he doesn’t handle long flights well. They came to London later than Seattle and were unprepared and completely outplayed by the Seahawks. Seattle started the game with a 14 play 82 yard touchdown drive that took 7:36 off the clock. They played smash mouth football all day running for 155 yards on 37 attempts (4.2 ypc). As good as Seattle looked you can’t take too much into consideration since it is coming against a terrible Raiders team.


Dolphins 2H +7 WIN

This one was kind of an impulse pick and maybe not the best pick to make but it ended in a win. In the first half I was impressed by Miami’s ability to consistently move the ball against the Bears defense. The Dolphins were doing well to convert 3rd downs and went into halftime with a 7-0 lead. I checked the temperature in Miami at that time and it was a reported 91 degrees with high humidity. My thinking was the Bears would wear down in the Miami heat. The Bears then came out of halftime and scored 21 points in the 3rd quarter and went into the 4th quarter with a 21-13 lead. The plays the Dolphins made in the fourth quarter were unbelievable. Albert Wilson taking two short passes for two long touchdowns was a sight to behold as a Dolphins backer. The Dolphins seemed dead so many times but kept fighting back. Including in overtime when Kenyan Drake fumbled at the 1 yard line. They found a way to stay composed and get the home win.


Ravens -3 WIN

This one was so easy. This game went exactly as I expected and predicted. The Titans offense has not done well and were facing a tough Ravens defense. The Ravens offense was getting a much easier task against the Titans than they had the week before against the Browns 2nd overall ranked defense. The only thing I was wrong about was which receiver would have a big game against Malcolm Butler. It was Michael Crabtree not John Brown. All around this one was not exciting. The Ravens took an early lead and played it safe the rest of the way. Their defense handled the rest by only allowing 7 first downs for the game.


3-2 on the week brings me to 31-17-4 on the year or 64.58%


On to week 7.

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