Betting the Colts Patriots Game

The Patriots are listed as 11 point favorites as of right now and the over under is 50. They are coming off a dominating 38-7 win against the AFC East leading Dolphins. The Patriots will probably be the leaders in the AFC east after winning this week and the Dolphins losing. If you only look at the Patriots statistics, they look like a mediocre team. We know that is not the case. In their losses they looked about as bad as they possibly could, and in their wins they looked terrific. I think tonights game will lean more into the terrific category. The Colts haven’t looked great through their first four games. They are 1-3 but had late chances to win in each of their losses. The Colts actually are a mediocre team like the stats say they are. The Patriots are a much more talented team than the Colts and the spread is telling of that. This one should be a blowout but 11 points is still a lot.


Since this game is being played on a short week, coaching is much more important. Good coaches keep their teams prepared and Bill Belichick is literally the greatest coach and preparer in NFL history. The Patriots have shown time and again they are always ready to play on Thursday nights. In the past 10 years the Patriots have only lost twice at home on a Thursday. One loss was to the Bret Favre led Jets the year Tom Brady was injured and the other was last year’s opening loss to the Chiefs. The Patriots showed last week the team they are capable of being. To make things worse for the Colts, Tom Brady’s favorite target Julian Edelman is returning. The Colts are a team that some have said have paid the “iron price” for their part in the “deflategate” scandal. For the record, Tom Brady was found innocent and was only suspended due to language in the collective bargaining agreement that commissioner Roger Goodell could suspend anyone at anytime for any reason. Anyway the Colts will continue to pay the iron price tonight. There is really no play except the Patriots. I think they will start quick so I am taking the first half line as well.


The Picks:

Patriots -7 1H

Patriots -11

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